My Twin Turbo Project Complete!

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  1. Well now that the cat's outta the bag, lets bring on the PIC, new #'s and times will be posted soon, i'm still trying to tune it. They're Garret Turbo's.


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  2. hahahaha. im actually gonna start aquireing parts for a single turbo project for this summer. i just dont know twhere to start.
  3. damn homie how much extra HP did u get out of the gold tubes
  4. that is the worst photo chop I have every seen :owned: . Let me put one up with me in a porno, and call it "Banging Mustang Sally". :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. Dude where did you get all of that? Looks good mad, get numbers up yet?
  6. OK got it dynoed today heres the sheet:

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  7. Dang, Matt! Upgraded to a 2000 vintage GT I see. Nice Turbos! It looks like you might have some trouble closing the hood, though! :D
  8. The hood actually closes, and that is a misprint on the dyno sheet.
  9. Damn ,that is SO funny. :lol: I really hope no one here really thinks that photochop is really his car? I mean, the gold pipes are going right THROUGH the turbos! :rlaugh:
  10. :stupid: Hey did you see the pipe going right through the fan shroud? And the dyno sheet show it as a 2003. Wow didn't know you could upgrade to a 302. S*** and choose to ahave the 94-98 body style in 2003. :notnice:

    Hahahaha :nono:
  11. nice photochop guy..u aint foolin noone!! :notnice:
  12. He dont even have the GT-40 intake he claims he has in hi singature. :lol:
  13. To his credit, his sig says those parts are WANTED, not that he has 'em.
  14. Thats fake??? How did you do that?? Thats not fake. Or did you mean thats somone elses engine bay?

    I cant belvie you guys thought i was serious......

  15. I got one now:

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  16. very monty-python! :cheers:
  17. funny stuff man.

    I have a Cobra intake if you are interested. I took it of my car 2 years ago I'm just to lazy to ebay it.
  18. i have some tribars if you want them, i have some run down kumohs for them too
  19. 3rd best thread ever