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  1. So iive done a lot of thinking past few months and I've decided I'm going to do my build. I want to have as much done as I can by mustang week next year. I've digured the interior and suspension out, so I know what to get but the engine is a dif story. I want something different. I saw online I can get a 03 mach 1 motor and t56 trans with harness and fuel tank for 6 grand 50k miles. Would that swap be worth it? If not I want to build up the 5.0 eventually turbo whatever engine I get. What are your thoughts ? Terminator swap?
  2. Also I'm about to purchase the AMR gunmetal grey wheels and tire paxkage. Staggered with 275 's in the rear. Can I go wider like 305's or is that too much? And is 1300 $ a good price on them? There 19x8 and 18x9.
  3. mach 1 motor is only 305 hp. I would think you could score a terminator motor for around that price these days?
  4. I haven't really looked at the cobra motor. Is the terminator driverrain worrh it? The one I did look at was a motor and trans combo for $10gs. Thats a little too much. I can build a 302 turbo set up for prob around 7 grand I would think? I would prob go with the on3 kit. I know its cheap but I'm not building a race car yaknow. I just want a fun street car. Down the road Ican upgrade the turbo and wastegate maybe the intercooler . Turbo mustang os my dream car haha.
  5. The Mach 1 motors with the manual trans have forged internals from the factory. If you can get it, you will have lots of potential.
  6. You would be hard pressed to build a reliable turbo set up for 6k, but factor in the cost of all the swap parts you could probably build a 5.0 based stroker and come out way ahead.
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  7. I concur and 305's are gonna hang out past the fenders
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  8. I guess in the end it's all gonna be what you are willing to go through to set the car apart from the next. While it isn't as common, even a 4v swap is getting done to a fox more and more. There is a fair amount of technical expertise required to do it, as well as the capability to fabricate what can't be bought.

    The build integrity of the Mach1/Terminator engine is it's strongest asset, as once you start forcing air into it it will already be capable of putting out, and withstanding way more HP than a stock block windsor will ever be capable of.

    As to the rear tire question.....there's no substitute for meat. The more meat, the better. Again though it will be all about what you are willing and capable of doing to put that meat under the car. A "bigger than 275" bias tire will really require a minitub, although I'm sure there will be those few that will chime in and throw in their 285's or even 315' fitment examples w/o a minitub to muddy up the water, a minitub is a fairly extensive undertaking.

    Even if there are examples of that, I prefer the room and the look that you get from a minitub compared to the mangled mess the BFH and a baseball bat leaves behind.
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  9. Thanks guys. In tye end I want something diferent. I even went as far as checking out a local 93 rx7 fd. Needs a complete restoration. Guy wants $2500. I even thought about buying it and swapping my 302 into it. Haha still thinking about it. Would be a major project but worth it in the end. That body style rx7 is prob my fav car ever. Add a 302 into the equation and it makes even more appealing.
  10. 2500 for a rx7? Was it on fire? I cant find a 93 rx7 for that little if I tried. Depending on its condition I would have gone that route.
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  11. If it's in one piece buy it and flip it. Those cars sell for 8k without an engine.
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  12. one word. Indecisive.
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  13. Yeah its actually in decent shape. He wanted $8500 byt I got it down to 2500. Everything is there. Drives side suspension is shot its touching the ground. Only need bith front fenders. And a rebuild. So should I buy it? Ahhh :poo: that's right. Big problem is NO TITLE. Can I get another title for it if I buy it. Been sitting at a shop since 03. Guy couldn't afford the bill for repairs so he left the car there. Been there since. The guy mist have died or something.

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  14. Probably was stolen but if not...I say go for it!! Not sure on your state laws but you should be able to do a search/check with the DMV. Possibly get it re titled.
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  15. That looks perfect for a v8 swap. Just clean it up and drop in the power plant. The title thing can be tricky but not a totally impossible. You can file for an abandoned title or try and find the actual owner and see if he still has the title. Do all your research before you plop down any cash. I would start at the MVD or third party title company and see what the record is and what the steps are for getting another title or if it is even possible. For $2500 I would definitely buy it as long as there isnt any major damage to the frame or rust. In fact if you pass send me his number...
  16. See if the shop can put a shop lein on it and file for a new title. If it was truly abandoned then this should not be an issue.
  17. $6k in usable condition, buy it on the spot. I think that would be one cool setup to have. I wouldn't do a damn thing to it. Just drive it and enjoy it. A 305 hp 306cid engine costs $6k by the time you turn the key, and you still have a T5 behind it. You could always bolt a used supercharger to it down the road without doing anything else to the engine.

    As for the FD RX7, that is also my dream car. Getting a Ford engine in there just isn't realistic though. There just isn't enough hood clearance. LS engines fit very nicely though.

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  18. I would just fix that FD as it is. Nicely built, those Rotary motors can be straight beasts.
  19. LS1 is like 100hp more and only adds 50lbs. Damn RX7 you have to rev the bejesus out of it to make any power.

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    madmike1157 you'd better be tuning in, we got some non 302 action going on over here.
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