SN95 My Upcoming Build

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  1. Come at me bro.
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  2. Firstly, the tag didn't work. I only know this cause I'm obviously "tuned in."
    Secondly, not only is this some "non-302" action, it appears to be non-Ford. Hell, it's even non-domestic.
    Lastly, I can't tell whether this is about buying a nice 5.0 driver for 6k, or a wrecked Wankle for 2500.:shrug:
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  3. Talking someone down 70% is the part I'm impressed with.
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  4. Improper tagging....

    Needs to be altogether like @madmike1157

  5. I doubt he knows what Wankle is, er was, before he just googled it after reading this post :rolleyes:
  6. The angle of a wankle is directly proportional to the heat of the beat.
  7. He knows he has to rev the engine to the moon to make power. I'm sure he knows what a Wankle is.
  8. Everyone knows what a rotary is, but even Mazda isn't sure how it works
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  9. I may have pissed myself a little.
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