My v6 seems sluggish

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  1. damn dude...neutral drops are one of the first things you can do to your transmission. the reason the new stang does this is to save the transmisson from people such as yourself who dont know that it is bad and try to do such things. go to any shop and ask them how good for your car neutral drops are if you dont believe me.
  2. I never said it was a good idea.
  3. maybe my experience doesnt quite fit in in this category, but it is related. i have a new 2004 f150 with the new 5.4 3valve v8 which was the first (i think) to use this new computer system similar to new mustangs with the drive by wire. diesels have used it for a while. very similar. even the 5.4l has the same takeoff problems, very sluggish at first, and if you start to slip, your engine will slow down until its under control.... the new v8 mustangs are the same way. i have owned a few v6's mustangs and am a hardcore mustang person, but when i was young, i could not afford the insurance or the car for that matter. there is nothing wrong with a v6 mustang, and i dont understand the "war" that sometimes goes on. It depends on what you want the car for. as long as you didnt buy the car with the intention to hang with a gt then all is fine. my recommendation to anyone considering purchasing a mustang is just to weigh what you want it for, and test drive both. i have not heard nearly as many bad things about the new v6, i can only imagine. it is much more powerful than the sn95 v6 cars and the 5 speed auto is an awesome transmission. i also have a 2002 explorer with the 4.0v6 and 5 speed auto tranny and im impressed with what it can do, even being a heavy suv. and if it makes u feel better, your car could probably beat my 65 in a race, well at least it could out handle it, thats for sure.
  4. your experience counts very much. Some very good thoughts.
  5. I concur too! :nice:
  6. I'm guessing you meant WORST things, not FIRST things....
  7. Aipaloouik,

    Have you done any 0 -60 runs before and after the new tune? I was unaware of the 1 – 2 second delay for full power on the V6 model. I do know that the V6 did 0-60 in 6.9 seconds in a Car&Driver road test and I was wondering how much quicker it is without the WOT delay. Let us know if you do (did) any acceleration comparisons between the stock and new tunes. Thanks, in advance.
  8. Yeah, maybe most. I on the other hand, having previously owned a '67 Fastback and '68 Coupe, was elated when I could have my mustang again while having my company pay for it! (V6 or under :( )

  9. No, I havn't had the times checked. Honestly, I wouldn't even know where to begin to get that done. If I was all that interested in 0-60 times, I would have bought the GT. Of courst that doesn't mean I'm going to put up with being robbed of the power I do have :D
  10. C'mon, that's sorta harsh, Phil.

    For the record, I drove a '66 2+2 back in high school (Signal Flare Red, Pony interior, 302, toploader four-speed). This was during the late 1970s, when I used to prey on unsuspecting disco ducks in their pretty-boy Trans Ams. Drove that car through two engine rebuilds, until I graduated college in 1986. So yeah, I'm a genuine Mustang enthusiast. I've earned my stripes.

    Problem is, as an adult I drive 80 miles a day communting to work. No way I can afford a V-8's gas bill and insurance while I'm racking up that sort of mileage. Had to get an automatic to cut down on the driving fatigue, and to accomodate my wife.

    Otherwise, yeah, I would have gone for the GT manual in a flash. But with a V-6, at least I can enjoy having a daily-driver Mustang that reminds me of my high-school machine!

  11. Wow, you're really, really stupid.

  12. Sluggish V6

    My wife and I rented a 2005 Auto V6 for 3 days recently on vacation she wanted to purchase a 2005, what better way then to try one out and I to noticed the slow starts, the rental had Traction control which I quickly turned off but still no matter how hard I tried it seemed from a dead stop I could hardly get the wheels to chirp except when turning a corner.I did notice though the car had great acceleration from about 10 mph onwards.Great low end when rolling not so good from stop.Anyways she ended up getting a 5spd V6 convertible, take traction control off and it will lay a nice patch, this is the third Mustang she has owned 84, 94 and now the 2005 best one yet-Happy motoring.
  13. Shoot, I'm not a true 'mustang enthusiast', since I've driven so many Camaros, so I may as well get a V6, huh? :( bummer....

    I may not have a 'history' with the Mustang, but I'm about as 'enthused' as a person can be! :D
  14. I have the desire, don't have the need... not to mention, don't have the money.
  15. :flag: :lol: :rlaugh: thats hella-cool you can admit to your "problem" :D