My video was posted on MM&FF's facebook

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  1. What a happy day, lol. My buddy called me earlier and told me Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford magazine posted one of my dyno videos on facebook!
    It was also shared on Trick flow Specialties and Vortech's Page

    I particularly like where they say "Share if you like fast cars with rough paint: All business with the money under the hood!" lmao

    Here is the link:
  2. beast!

    i love how it looks like it just wants to rip the straps out of the concrete. sick car.
  3. It's sort of the car equivalent to a mullet...."business up front, party in the rear".
  4. Hahah...had a buddy with a white Chevy Cavalier, with a red front clip. We used to call it "the nosebleed". Of course...his car didn't make 1,000+ horsepower?!?

    ....that's really all I have to add to this thread? :shrug:
  5. Haha, nice plumber pants in the foreground, there.
  6. Oh and by the way...

  7. I happen to like the look of your car.
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  8. That thing is a BEAST
  9. So I showed that video to a couple of my coworker buddies, one drives a turbo Miata, the other drives a WRX, both modded. They couldn't figure out why, if it "only" takes 20lbs of boost to make 1000 hp, all V8 guys don't have 1000 hp. Haha.
  10. Thanks guys.. I was pretty surprised they would put such an ugly car up on there site. Everything you ever see is usually pretty.. This car was genuinely built on a budget, although some may not agree. My paint budget however is non existent at the moment, lol. I'm just focusing on getting the car ready for NMRA Georgia to compete in True Street. And as far as my car epitomizing a mullet I'll tell you that there is plenty of business in the back, lmao.
  11. IMAG1898.jpg

    The business in the back...
  12. The business under the hood..

  13. New blower tube brace..

  14. Did you explain to them that 20psi with a V8 = 40psi with an I4? Not that they'd have any idea what you're talking about? lol
  15. Those dyno straps were holding on for dear life. Awesome.
  16. Interior shot..
    Stock 84 steering wheel, digital dash, air to water Intercooler mounted under pass dash. The pass seat is in now just not in this picture..

  17. Blower swap..

  18. Recent upgrade to roll cage, gussets and roof bar..

  19. I bet it would be more fun with a windshield :shrug:
  20. well with that much power, Id post it too!