My Wedding Entrance

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  1. Well, I got married last weekend. Had a Blast! Thought id share a short Video of how me and my groomsman got to the alter. Enjoy

    98 GT is a Turbo charged MMR900 Pushing 18lbs
    65 Coupe is mine Turbo charged 351W
    03 GT is KB pushing 25lbs
    07 Vette... MY dd.. Pretty much stock.
  2. :fap: I'm hot for teacher....
  3. Haha!

    ...wait... You just got married last weekend? What the crap are you doing on the internet!? You have better things to do!
  4. thats awesome man !
  5. Epic. I was hoping for one last burnout at the end, but still epic. Did you guys drive away in the Stang?

  6. That's badass. :lol: +2 internets for you. :nice:
  7. What i really wanted to do, there was just no way to do it. I really wanted to have a chute on my car by then, and leave in the car, make a really high speed fly by and pull the chute.. but just didnt work
    It was at a golf club in a pretty uptown enviroment.. didnt want to cause to much chaos.
  8. Probably for the best. Your wedding day is not one to make enemies. Congratulations again!