My Winter Project- JYTT 5.0, Megasquirt, etc.

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  1. If i had the knowledge and the welding skills, i'd be on a JY turbo set up like white on rice.
  2. UPDATE:

    I FINALLY got the hot side of the passenger turbo done!!!! I'm VERY happy.

    Everything is routed away from things, and there's enough room for the oil return line. The turbo is sitting level, and even with the front of the car which is nice, and I got a bit of work done on the driver side too. I got my other intercooler in the mail on Friday, so I'm just waiting on all my u-bends and pipe for the cold side to show up in the mail and I'll be on my way with that too. Whatcha think?

    Here's the driver side progress too:
  3. Subscribing. Wow everything you've done looks nice. What did you use to smooth the engine bay? I can't wait to see how it all turns out :nice:
  4. looks nice, slowly getting jelous.... :drool:
  5. Thanks man! I welded in all the little holes, used sheet metal I had to weld in place to box in the frame rails and the big holes, ground the high spots down, and smoothed it out with All-Metal body filler. I went with that cuz it is stronger than bondo and will hopefully stand up to the vibration and heat cycling under the hood.
  6. Thanks for the compliments guys! I'm just glad it's finally coming together.


    Last night I got the hot side for the driver side turbo 99% complete. I ran out of welding wire at 12:30 last night so I couldn't finish. :mad: That's always the way isn't it? Well, a huge thanks to my friend Craig, he came by and brought the beverages (and some extra 2.5" pipe) so we were able to get a lot done.


    I know that pipe looks a bit pieced together, and I debated changing it out but it's going to flow nicely, as long as it's welded together nicely that's fine with me. I'm going to wrap that whole pipe anyway with header wrap so it won't affect the asthetics of the bay. I had to do it that way due to the compound curves the pipe had to take. It'll look better when it's time for final welding. :)


    Another shot.. Notice my 'purdy' engine bay is getting all scratched up. That's ticking me off, but I'm hoping a good buff job will take care of that. I had a microfiber towel under the ARP box I was using to place the turbo heightwise, must be some metal dust from cutting the side of the fender well area got between the towel and the bottom. After I removed the towel I was a bit ticked but, as they say, "it'll buff right out." I hope..

    The twins, hot sides 99% done!!

    The twins again, as it sits now. I did not yet receive my piping for the cold side from LSDMotorsports (thanks for the reference, Link, you recommended them, and they definitely were good to deal with) but hopefully they'll show up today. More work will be done on this either thursday, friday, or saturday. Not sure when, but I'll post pics and stuff when I do!
  7. [move]New update and cold side pics:[/move]

    Hey guys I got the cold side about 99% done. I could not get the DSM IC's installed without significant modification so I chose to run 'hot' for now. When I get the money and time I will get a FMIC and get it installed, but I don't have either one of those anymore so I work with what I have.

    Here are pics of the cold side, as well as the hot side which is 100% welded up and final-bolted:



    This is my union I made last night. Where the two 2.5" pipes come together looks good, but I'm wondering about the angle at which the 3" pipe comes out. That was the best I could come up with after agonizing over how to bring them together without sticking the pipes through the fender, or filling up so much of the under-fender area that I took away the ability to turn the tires without rubbing.

    Here it is installed and tacked. the next pic is it off the car.


    I got the oil return lines done. I'm getting close! :) What do you guys think? Suggestions? Thoughts? Anyone want to mail me their 'extra' FMIC?? haha..

    Is anyone still watching this?
  8. :woot: I was wondering how you were coming along. looks good. That is more than I could ever do.
  9. im still watching this, waiting for the final product, good luck
  10. looks great......cant wait to see more
  11. lookin great.
  12. That looks awesome, do you have any pics of the whole car ? I read someone's post that said all this was going in a vert. That's my dream, to have that much power and still be able to throw the top down. :nice:
  13. thanks guys!
    Sunil6784, I don't have updated pics of the whole car- yes it's going into my '88 GT vert. I totally agree- I don't care about the potential loss of a little bit of ET on a 1/4 mile strip due to the extra weight. This car is a weekend cruiser, not a 1/4 mile only car. Will I take it to the track? Oh yeah. I have a Maximum Motorsports 4 point roll bar going into it- but it's a cruiser. :) will the top ever go up? Probably not. :)
  14. im still watching! great job man.
  15. [size=10pt]IT RUNS!!! IT RUNNNNSSS!![/size]
    More details to follow.. I took a short vid on my camera phone too that I will be posting.. I have to build an addition on my house starting tomorrow, but I will post more asap..
  16. Great project you have going here.
  17. 2 weeks till i get my stuff from B&G and i get to start on mine, the crappy part is when they arrive will be right around the same time i am going on a fishing trip so i will have parts at home that i can't even touch for a week :(
  18. Where is our video!

  19. :stupid: