My Winter Project- JYTT 5.0, Megasquirt, etc.

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  1. It's coming.. I swear.
    I'm having a hard time converting this file from 3g2 format to something that StreetFire recognizes- every converter I try bombs. SOOO I'll start with updated pics for now.

    Here's the cold side, final welded and ready for paint:



  2. We are just giving you a hard time... It looks great and I bet it sounds kick @$$. You did more than I ever could and that is what really matters in my book. :cheers:
  3. Hey guys, alright I got it converted finally. there are a few issues, first off, you'll hear what my friend described as 'a legion of crickets drowning slowly in a lake'- I think the shield between my engine and trans is bent just enough to rub on my flywheel- so there's a loud scraping sound. other than that, there's the Megasquirt tach that's going crazy.. i'm workin on it though. :)

    Anyways, here's the link:
  4. hahaha oh I know you're just giving me a hard time. :) It sounds... well, not so good yet.. cuz of the scraping. :)
  5. Video is being optimized :ban:
  6. u start it with no blet? whats all that sound???
  7. I don't knoy why the sound is so bad- it's just the way the camera phone took the vid. There are a LOT of exhaust leaks too, and they overpower the turbo sound and the real exhaust note. I'm workin on that.

    well, I ripped out the interior, and am working on welding in the MM rollbar. it's about 80% done.


    I have a LOT of exhaust leaks that I need to attend to- all of them are at the joints.. Ugh. I'm close, but not close enough. I'm going to weld in full-length subframe connectors at the same time, since the interior is mostly out. It'll keep me from meting my carpet.
  8. I got the roll bar in completely, painted, and interior back together this weekend, bled the brakes, now I'm working on exhaust leaks. I plan to drive it for the first time by the end of this week.. Stay tuned for details and pics.. if anyone's still interested. :) (Oh, did I mention My father in law and I are building a 2 story ~1000 sq ft addition on my house- and ALLL kinds of lumber, roofing, plywood, etc. sits in my driveway.. It's almost shelled up now. That's why this is taking so long- my priority is my house right now)
  9. Good to know that you have the priorities straight in life. I am very excited to see it completed. That will be one nice vert once you are done with everything.

    Did you leave the console in and still remove the carpet?
  10. yeah, thanks man. :) It's taken a lot of work to get the addition this far, but it's going to be worth it. we're having another kiddo, so we need the extra room!
    Anyway, no i didn't remove the console. I didn't actually remove the carpet, just folded it back from where I was welding and held it with big welding clamps. I'm going to to the SN-95 dash next winter, btw. I've already got the SN console in my basement, I just need the dash. The local u-pull yard is getting more and more SN's in, so hopefully I can find one there.
  11. I pulled the tranny, found the problem, (the clutch was rubbing on the bellhousing) dremeled out the bellhousing enough for clearance, got it back togehter, got it running today, and took it for a drive. It boosted to the stock wastegate's levels- 8 PSI ish.. It M O V E S. but.. then.. I saw coolant coming from the crack between the hood and the fender. I drove it MAYBE 5 miles, and something's wrong. It took me 4 hours to get it home (Thanks Dave L for the assistance in towing me). Now it seems that there's coolant coming from the cracks in between my turbo piping. My breather on my valve cover (when I crank over the motor) lets out some smoke/steam- not sure if this is normal. I don't want to hear the head gaskets are blown- I just put these on. I did use that copper spray, I used ARP head bolts, and was running at 8 deg initial timing, with 93 octane. I can't believe I blew a HG after 5 miles? Anyway, I towed it home, threw the battery charger on it, and came inside, disgusted, looking for a cold beer. :'( :mad: :bang: :bah: Is there something that could possibly be wrong that DOESN'T involve the HEAD GASKETS???? What did I do wrong??? I boosted for MAYBE 10 seconds??!?!!? I got it to.. well, ok, like 100 but.. I only boosted for a little bit??? Anybody have any suggestions?? Do I need to pull the heads?
    Here's what I plan on doing next: (of course, I've had a few as of now, and have been home from this fiasco for MAYBE two hours)

    Do a comp test, checking the plugs as I go. If it looks bad, order new hg's and slap them on. If that's the case, what'd I do wrong? I don't get it? Its not like I'm boosting 15 psi, it was a very safe 8 PSI.. with 8 deg initial timing? Please help. This stinks. I really want my car.. :( :mad: :bah: :bang:
  12. Hi guys, progress update- If you all care.
    My troubleshooting began with a quick startup of the engine when I got home from work. It started beautifully, and ran like It did before, except a lil smoke/steam from the breather on the valve cover. COULD just be condensation.. or it’s something worse, much worse. After it warmed up I attemted a restart. This time, the restart failed. I knew something was wrong then.
    My friend Dave came over last night, and we pulled the exhaust headers first for a compression check. Turns out three of four cylinders on the driver side were weak. Time to pull the driver side head. So, we get started, and it was actually a quick job. It didn’t take long to get the head out of there and discover the problem. WOW did I ever blow that gasket. There was physical damage to the gasket itself. can you tell which cylinders were leaking???

    So it’s time for a new set of head gaskets- I don’t know if I weakened the other side or not , but while it’s apart I may as well replace them both. I will have to turn the timing WAAY down, the fuel WAAY up, and watch my wideband like a hawk from now on. Sheez. I need to be more gentle.

    That.. and... I put that head gasket in backward. I don’t know if it makes that much difference , but I could clearly read the word FRONT on the wrong side of the head gasket. @#$*^&. Another reason to swap both out- I don’t know if I messed up both sides. That marking is there for a reason. . . . Nice move, Timmy. Oh well, live n learn right? :o :mad:




    So... Thoughts?
  13. HAHA That sucks man. You are like an Idol to everyone here who wants a turbo_OR 2! I want to see some hardcore burnouts and kickass vids before this is over! What kind of power is expected?
  14. wow.... all i have to add...
  15. The word, Front, on the headgaskets should be towards the front of the car no matter what. One side will have the word "Front" face up while the other side will have it face down on the block.

    Don't worry about being able to see the lettering, just keep "Front" at the Front. :)
  16. thats a pretty *****ty mistake. good luck i bet itll be a blast to drive when your done.
  17. yeah, it sucks. . Thanks grey I appreciate the compliment! Truth is, I'm just learning too. I've been into cars for 10 years, but this is my first homemade turbo car. (and coincidentally my first Mustang too) Oh well, that's how you learn. Just get up and move on. :)
  18. I wouldn't sweat it. You've already done what countless internet racers talk about doin. Grab a beer or two and fix her up! Why did they blow? detonation or wrong installation?