My Winter Project- JYTT 5.0, Megasquirt, etc.

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  1. My guess would be too little fuel and too much timing. Easy to fix tho :)
  2. Detonation would be my guess but that is all it is, a guess. It'll probably be a good idea to get the car tuned once you have it back together. I'd also wait a few days to get into the boost to see if there are "other" issues so you can break in the motor. Since at this point you have two possible causes for the failure. [1 being wrong installation & 2 being too much boost / not enough fuel.] Do what paulie said, have a beer or two and get that thing back on the road.
  3. I have updates, finally.. I realized I haven't posted here in a while, but there hasn't really been much to say.... I got the head gaskets back on, and the engine back together and running fine.
    I've been TRYING to tune it with the Megasquirt since I got it, I've put in a few hours of road time, and still can't figure out how to tune this thing. I like to consider myself a fairly smart guy but I just can't get it tuned properly. AND on top of all that, must be after the head gaskets went and some water got into the oil I popped the oil bearings in the passenger side turbo.. cuz I noticed my BOV was spraying OIL, and I wasn't even boosting into positive pressure yet. That's right- I've been running for 3 weeks now since the new head gaskets, and haven't seen positive boost- I don't want to blow it again! anyway, I pulled the silicone elbow that connects the TB to the intake and had my friend start the engine.. It blew oil all over my hand from the turbo side. I dropped my intake piping and it was from the passenger side turbo.

    I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to pack up the twins! I just don't have the cash for a rebuilt CHRA (i just had to spring for an Optima last week after some battery issues left me hangin) and I just want to drive my car. Summer is so short here in NY and I am really missin my Stang. I really wanted boost this year, but the learning curve on the Megasquirt is too steep and I don't have money for another CHRA. So, Like I said, they're coming off for the remainder of the summer so I can at least drive the car. :( I may look into going the route that Link did and many others, and just go with a MAS and A9L for fuel control, and not do the megasquirt... This sucks... :(
    I'm NOT giving up though. Just putting it on hold..
  4. Hey thanks for the update man. I enjoy reading all of them. I hate that it's being so hard on you (tuning). Oh well maybe puttin it on the backburner for a while is best. I can see how it could be frustrating at this point...PB
  5. man that sucks. how much money did you have in the turbos and stuff of that nature?
  6. Thanks guys. It does suck. I'm not giving up, just putting it on hold.
    Let's see- cost? I'll try and do the best I can to remember.

    Turbos- 200 initial cost (ebay)
    200 new chra for one
    100 - rebuild kit and new turbine wheel for the other (which is the bad one now)
    60 - piping
    42 lb injectors- 150 I think
    400 - Megasquirt and wideband 02, $60 for the Diy wiring
    40 for silicone and clamps
    30 DSM BOV w/ flange
    40 header wrap
    I think that's about it.. from memory.

    So, ,roughly 1300 and I'm sure I'm missing something. Probably more like $1500.
  7. oh man i was hoping you would get it up and running, thats a shame, hope you get to do it in the future
  8. What kind of paint did you use to paint your heads and block? Just normal high temp silver engine block paint? Thanks.

  9. Hey Blackthorn, yeah I will get it going. OH YES. :) I just don't have the time or money right now, and I realllllyyyy miss my pony. It's just put on hold. I'll do a 'part 2' thread of this when I take it back off the road in the winter.
    It sucks, but it's a decision I had to come to.

    And Mob, yes it's just silver engine paint. The key is to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and when you think the engine is clean enough, clean 2x more.

  10. You used silver right? Not aluminum? I accidentally bought aluminum and sprayed some on my heads and it looks like tin foil :bang:

    Would you happen to have anymore close up pics of the engine or heads out of the car painted? Thanks.
  11. I don't know about that one. It may have been flat aluminum. It was VHT high temp paint from AutoZone. I'll try and find a partial can of it if I have any left and take a pic of the label for you. And yes, I think I do have more pics of the engine- give me your email address and I'll send you some.
  12. [email protected]

    Thanks alot.