Mystery 03 Cobra Terminator tuned by Horsepower by Hermann - help needed.

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  1. I recently bought a car from a dealership in Manassas Virginia. It's a black 03 cobra coupe. It's been tuned by Horsepower by Hermann. I want to find out all the in and outs and specifics about the tuning but Hermann says he can only look up the build info by owner name and not VIN#. The dealership will not help me out (Dash Motors) as we had a falling out. Any ideas of how I can obtain the previous owners names?

    Here's what I know about the car. It's a black coupe with a Kenne Bell Supercharger I think the 1.7 with intercooler. It's got headers and upgraded injectors and the damn thing is an angry bees nest. It's viscous.

    I really want to know the ins and out of the tune before I drag it so. If anyone recognizes this set up and the photo let me know. I know it's a shot in the dark but I have to start somewhere. I will post some more pics tomorrow. Thanks All.

    By the way stay away from Dash Motors. They royally screwed me, lied to me, and then screwed me even more.

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  2. Really nice looking ride. Sorry I cannot vouch for ever seeing the car.

    My opinion, get the car re-tuned on a dyno before going to the track, this way you're not guessing.
    Are you dealing with Herman for performance related stuff?
  3. FWIW, if you state's DMV (or more specifically, if you know the state in which the previous owner LIVED IN) has a vehicle "title search" feature via VIN, perhaps you can look up the prior owners that way ?


    Some states's DMV provide this feature, for a small fee - it's one such way to *possibly* obtain the previous owner's long as you know which state the car was registered/titled in previously. And if the state/DMV actually give people the names (sometimes it's just an address of WHERE it was registered, not WHO - for privacy reasons).

    G'luck !
  4. Yeah... I'm really holding out on the whole retune thing ever since I found that it was tuned by Hermann. He's on the east coast and is pretty well known. I live in Oregon and the closest well known shop is All Ford Performance in Vancouver WA. I heard they are pretty good but the car runs absolutely amazing as it is. I've ran it hard through 2nd 3rd and 4th on pump gas with no detonation on the 2nd setting. There is a 3rd race setting that requires Torco additive. Well, thanks for your input. I may just have to do that if I can't figure out who owned this car.
  5. i live within reason of you.. do not have anyone locally retune that car.

    there is nobody near the reputation/ability of that tuner who did the work.