Mystery Bullitt Theory?

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  1. Bullitt 01.JPG Bullitt 03.JPG Hey all,

    I just bought a 2008 Mustang Bullitt last week, and I've been doing some research that leaves me hanging for an answer to this question:

    Why does my 2008 Bullitt (#2204) have a glass roof? It seems that the glass roof was only an option from 2009+.

    No build sheet. Unknown original owner. Ultra-rare? Retrofit? Otherwise, the car is dead stock.
  2. Was the car built in late 2008, and sold as a 2009 model?
  3. No. As far as I know, it's a 2008, sold as a 2008. vin & serial.jpg
  4. What's the date of manufacture?
  5. I found the build sheet, it's a 2008/01/02 build. The Bullitt package & Shaker 1000 are on the sheet, but no roof. How hard are these to retrofit???
  6. I think someone installed that aftermarket. Apparently you can do it. No idea on the costs though.
  7. Have you ever been on the bullitt specific forums?
    They can help you out.
  8. Pretty easy retrofit. Aftermarket sold them for a while, possibly even before Ford had it as an OEM option.
  9. I remember back in 2007/2008 looking for a new mustang. the dealer at chino hills Ford had a 2008 mustang v6 black with black leather interior and a glass roof. From what I remember they were putting some glass roofs in some cars just to see if customers would buy into the idea. so maybe somehow this car was chosen. Just like there is no exact number of California special mustangs for 2008.
  10. My Senior Ford Tech says that while it's not on the window sticker, it IS on the build sheet... Hmmmm...
    roof code.jpg
  11. As for Ford not keeping records of model build #'s...
    It seems like pretty simple math. Give a monket a crayon to mark the wall when he sees a car cross the line...
  12. CDC offers a glass roof, I saw one on a guy's car at a local meet. Pretty awesome upgrade IMO, as long as it doesn't affect chassis rigidity or add weight of course :p

    -Nick C.
  13. My 2006 has the glass roof.

  14. such a sweet upgrade, I've heard it's a few thousand to have added though

    -Nick C.
  15. Even though I went from a v6 to a gt/cs I almost wish I had the v6 with the glass roof. and in the future im thinking about doing it for my car. so basically you have something extra special. Id keep it for years to come. so many people want your car, just like they want mine.
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  16. It's definitely not something you see everyday, probably one of the least common appearance upgrades I've ever seen. Except for the full-carbon fiber RTR-C lol

    I mean c'mon it's full CF! The wheels cost a fortune!!!

    -Nick C.