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  1. So I'm in the middle of a 93 four banger conversion and during the peddle swap I yanked the steering column out. Once I went to button everything back up this wire had no home to return to. I looked on my 88 and it's not present on that car. I don't recall ever seeing this wire on any of my previous foxes as well.

    The wire comes directly off of the dash harness that runs along the bottom of the cluster area by the column. Nothing missing off the multi switch or ignition switch area

    Thanks IMG_20171007_234026.jpg IMG_20171007_191910647.jpg
  2. What engine harness and dash harness combination are you using ?

    I was always taught that the 93 dash harness and the 89 engine harness weren't compatible....because of airbag connectors.

    My swap is a 89 gt into a 88 4 cylinder notch. Everything swapped over easily.
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  3. Yeah a 89 main harness would not connect up right to a 93 dash/body harness. The car is a 93 coupe auto and I have a 93 main harness and o2 sensor harness i'll be using but haven't got that far yet. I just finished the engine bay, front suspension, peddles, throttle and clutch cables etc.
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  4. Clockspring connector? Also i know there is a harness for the verts that was unused in anything other than the vert...
  5. Nah clock spring connector is all good. Yeah i've heard of this harness that wasn't used as well but no one knows what it looks like. This may be that none used harness though

    The colors of the wire are Purple/Orange, Red/Green, and Black
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  6. Ill look in my EVTM when i get home and verify for you...i have a 93 as well
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  7. Pretty sure its for the shift lock actuator
  8. Yeah found that it actually was for the shift lock actuator. Thanks man
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