MysteryMachine's Big Block 514 Project

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  1. I have had this crazy idea since my car stated knocking. They few people that I told tried to talk me out of it (Urban cough cough lol). i was all about to give up on the idea I even talked to Rick about building me a motor. I just couldn't give in to the idea. I've been watching ebay and came across a old 460 block that was about an hour away. I lost the auction but when the winner went to pick he didn't like that there were no main caps which was in the listing. Guy looked me up and sold it to me. Picked it up this morning.

    The plan is have it all gone over and bored. I'm gonna get a 514 Stroker kit like this one They make motor mounts and a oil pan for this actually so I'll get them. I still have to find headers. The big thing is heads. I'd like to be abe to drive the car on the street. As it is right now I need to pass emissions. I know that will be hard as it is to pass with this motor but I'd like to try. That being said I have no idea what heads i'm throwing on it yet. I might try to get a set of newer heads with the emissions junk on them and hope for the best. The other option is get it inspected right before I swap the motor and keep the miles under 5,000 or wat ever it is but I don't know if you still have to have the stuff there for visual or not.
    I also have to decide if I wanna go efi or carb I would love to go efi but we'll see when I get to that point.

    Guy I bought the block off of tried to talk me into building a 545 but like I said emissions on a 514 will be hard enough.

    This is gonna be a long process. As I get the money I'll buy parts and slowly put it together. I'm sure I'll be on here asking for help. I'll keep this updated as i go as well.

    Here's the the start of the project a 460 C9E block I was told its a 69

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    Cost of the project so far 75.00
  2. Cool. Those $75 will turn to $7500 pretty quickly.
  3. :p congrats on the buy :nice:
  4. holy crap man ... that thing will be a beast. i hope it fits between the shock towers

  5. x2304934324.3

    Id hate to even think about a big block build.
  6. I just realized my screen name on here don't have the GT lol is there a way to delete that
  7. Ha you got it , and yes thats a 69 block. C is for 60's, D for 70's, E for 80's,and so on. I would start cleaning it ,get out a wire brush , clean out all the bolt holes, remove the old left over peices of the head gaskets to. Got any pics of the underside, crank area?

    Thats a nice stroker kit, but 8:5 CR with 94cc , If I remember right all the 460 heads from 73-up were like 92-95 cc.
  8. I was thinking about trying to clean it up some tomorrow. I'm still a little leary on cleaning it too good cause I don't know when I'll start putting it together. I figure some of the old crap on it will keep the rust down or a I wrong about that? Sorry Chad I don't have any pics of the bottom I guess we should have looked there I don't think we even tiped it over.

    I had to have my bro in law move it around and he was getting pissy about it lol. I'm on restrictions I can't lift more then 10 lbs. I was like ok swing it this way ok now this way.

    I just found a 557 kit on ebay for cheaper then the 514 WTF?
  9. 557 that be nice. I have heard and seen also, people after they clean a block ,spray it with something then put like a big garbage bag over it and tie it shut, and it keeps the block from rusting.I'm not sure what they used though.I would go ahead and have it hot tanked anyways and machined when your able.
  10. MONSTER BUILD! Glad to hear it! Looking forward to your progress man.
  11. wonder if a mad coat of wd-40 would work. I found a oil pan and mounts together. Guy bought them then didn't do the swap pretty cheap at the moment. I'm broke as hell but got the money from selling that intake elbow so we'll see
  12. Yea it might and rub some oil in the cylinder walls maybe. Oil pan and mounts for a fox conversion?
  13. yeah I think they are the same
  14. Yea they are, and I noticed accufab makes headers for a 460 swap in a sn95 car also. You can usually find some pretty good deals on ebay though.

  15. yup, i had one of those for a while, but project estimates skyrocketed.

    i also contemplated swapping it into an old 88 RX7 i had. 302 swaps are pretty popular in those things too, lol
  16. And while you were 'curing' the hangover, you knew it was all drunken talk.:rlaugh:
  17. go lick a frozen pole!
  18. Everytime I've ever cleaned a pair of heads or a block and sprayed it with WD40, it seemed to rust even faster. I wouldn't use it. Just get a tub of boat trailer grease and put it on the cylinder walls and gasket surfaces. If you take it to have it tanked and machined, do that again, when you get it back.

    Almost 600" in and SN95? This should be ONE BAD B*TCH!

    For heads, You're gonna want the aluminum Cobra Jet heads. I'm not sure who makes them. They might be FRPP. Hot Rod mag did a build up on a 700+" mountain motor when they first came out. They made 780hp with a "decent" (not too lopey) cam and intake. All the while, pulling enough vacuum to work the brakes and stuff. Said the combo was VERY streetable. (I see a "back half" suspension for your car, as a necessity.)

    I vote for a "stand alone" FI system for it.

    Good luck with it! Take lots of pics!!!!
  19. PA emissions are easy. if you keep it under 5k you don't have to have anything. no cats, no egr, nothing. they don't ever look to see. thats the whole idea of being exempt. you still have to pay the normal sticker price, but your good to go.

    good luck on the build.