MysteryMachine's Big Block 514 Project

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  1. Lol, Im good at that too... My car doesnt seem to get any faster though! :rlaugh:
  2. :lol: compared to me, you were flying through that build.

    mine is crawling :nonono:

    heh i bet mysterymachine will be on the road before me :mad:
  3. no i'm sorry i didnt get any pics of the car. i really wish i did but it was so crowded and so much was goin on i didnt even think about taking pictures.
  4. Yes I guess it has been even longer for you man. :nonono: To me finished is on the road and living up to my expectations. Changing out my intake to something that revs over 4600 RPM is what is killing me now. I am on the putting green and stopped and waiting to put in the hole again. :nonono:
  5. I doubt that chris
  6. nice too see bbf going in

    nice to see more bbf going into mustangs. i have a 93 coupe that im in the mild of building. i started it putting a 101mm turbo on a 572 motor then the money hit my pocket. i have 2 friend that we have mustangs 1 car has a dart block 408 with 3 nos kits on it. it ran 8.60s on 1 fogger kit. my other good friend seen his car run and we bull s??? him that he was doing a 454 small block with all this good things on it. so 1 friend that does not like to get beat took 40,000 out of his 4ok and built a motor that he picked up the other day then we told him that we where just giving him a hard time. we just found this out the other day. but its going to be run running them. im going to a 547ci A block, A heads, billet crank, danny b belt drive billet rods powerglide tranny. hope your car is what u want be a fun toy.

  7. BlackVert, I thought your car was completed?:shrug:
  8. he's still having trans issues I think
  9. yep, tranny troubles still. this new aod isn't shifting correctly. at least the tranny guy says this one isn't burned up.

    i am afraid to have hope that i'm actually close to being on the road
  10. as you all know this is my first time building an engine. That being said I have a few questions that I hope you guys can help me with.

    First off beings I'm working with a 460 block do I just look for 460 parts? I know the stroker kit will be a 514 or maybe bigger depends what the 557 kit cost when I got to buy a kit. But as for all the external stuff will just normal 460 stuff be what I'm looking for?

    How do I go about choosing a cam? I've never seen a "514" cam so again do I get a normal 460 one? Also when you talk cams you gotta talk lifters and stuff. beings its an older block do I have to use hydraulic roller stuff or flat tappet or don't it matter?

    I was looking at a summit catalog tonight. and seen there are timing chain kits and gear drives. Besides a major price difference what's the difference and which is better? never reallr hear a problem with chains so is a gear drive necessary?

    That's all I can really think of right now. I know there will be more questions like this down the road. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

    Little update on the block. Really theres non lol. I haven't cleaned it up yet. I work nights so getting up early don't happen too well. by the time I do get up I have to get ready to leave and go see one of the many doctors I've been seening for my back. I go to a chiropractor 3 days a week and see the comp doc at times in there as well and I might be adding another doc after I see the comp doc on friday. Also the guy on ebay never got back to me on the year of or style of the block the main caps are off of I was looking at. From what my machine shop tells me that matters???
  11. thanks Chris I'll have to check them out when I get home from work. Spent the day with the gf so didn't get a chance too today. I joined and bigblockfox but feel more comfortable talking to you guys if I say something stupid lol
  12. Yepp external stuff will be fine, timing cover, waterpump, intake, so on.With that many cubes a single plane intake would be a better choice.Cam will be the same also,hydraulic flat tappet, although they make roller retro fit lifters also. A good double roller timing set will be fine, I don't really know anyone uses a geardrive. I know some use them because they have a whine to them like a supercharger. You might check out the cam specs on the ford racing 460-514 engines,but a custom cam would be better.
  13. I am so excited! :)
  14. why you so excited?

    thanks chad. do you have aim or any of the messanger thingers?
  15. Yea I use yahoo messenger ,I added you.
  16. Whoooa:jaw:. I sure hopes the car makes him some money. Bad investment - bad.
  17. I always wanted to do one myself. :shrug:
  18. got to my website and click on the paypal donate button and send a donation. then you can be a part of this special project. LOL
  19. Hmm.. I might. I am interested in this project. Do you realize they used those 460's to pull around HUGE ass cars in the 70's and even the BG&E and gas trucks only had 429's!! :jaw: