MysteryMachine's Big Block 514 Project

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  1. that would be great I'll need all the help i can get. The engine build itself don't have me as worried as having to swap out the rear and trans and all the other stuff that I'm gonna blow out as soon as I hit the gas ha ha
  2. Update (kinda): Finially posted on last night. Guy posted today that he has an old warn out C9 block that I can have the main caps off of. All I gotta do is pay the shipping. I'd rather pay say 10 bucks for a set I know was off a C9 block then the ebay set that doesn't say what they are off of and the guy never answers your questions.
  3. Thats a start, I had a 70-429 I let go, I wish I had kept now. Sold it cheap to 400.00 ,it was stock, but start right up, and it did have longtube headers, that was about the only mod, but it would sure run. I had gotten a cam and a holley 750, a few other things for it, never installed, but ended up letting it go way to cheap.
  4. yeah another guy said he had a dove block for $450 complete. I'd like for these caps to work and not have to buy another block
  5. They should work fine,still be good though to have the block align honed later.
  6. Guy said he's gonna try to get me the shipping tomorrow. He wants me to send him a check so not sure If he will wait till he gets it before he ships them out or not. Also I bought my first part for it tonight a chrome water neck lol 18.49 total.

    Oh and yeah they will be aligned honed no matter what
  7. I thought you would like this, its a 460 fox, but thats gotta be 1 fun ride. Check out his hood clearance lol.

  8. I was looking at them big tunnel intakes lol. Well I might ditch this block for another one. Everyone on 460ford dont think it will word to have other caps put on it. Guy is selling a complete 70 dove engine for $450. I got an email from ebay for a set of dove heads going for like 400 so its probably worth it for the whole engine
  9. Thats crappy though, that your block will go to waste. At least I learned from your experience not to buy an old block without caps... Thanks bud.
  10. Yea thats not bad for a 70 model 460. I still regret letting go of my 429 ,even stock they are fun to play with. Even simple bolt ons mods will wake up those engines, headers, cam, intake, carb,etc.
  11. np Nick anything I can do to help lol. Seriously though it does suck. I guess after the ebay strike I'll throw it up on there and hope I can get the 75 back out of it. My thing is I'm worried about buying a complete engine then not being able to use any of it ie brackets and such.

    That and saying my car had a 69 in it would just be funny I thought
  12. Yea imagine having a boss 429 between the fenders,there was some guy, featured in 5.0&FF had a 05 mustang and stuffed a 427 sohc in it, looked awesome to.If you buy the 70, maybe you can swap the extra block and parts ,for the parts you do need.
  13. ^ The man has a point. One mans trash is anothers treasure.
  14. true true but i doubt anything i need i will get outta trade
  15. Now your gonna need more bling lol to go with it, maybe some braided radiator hoses, or sleeves and chrome ends that slip over the hoses lol.
  16. yeah i know I need a block that works too ha ha.

    Not sure whats going on here now. Work is screwing me over and told me to stay home until farther notice. So I have to get a hold of the workers comp insurance people and see if they are will fax something to my bank about what i will be making on comp. Then the bank will decide if thy will stillgive me my loan. It would actually probablly help me to get teh loan cause it will lower my payments I have now and I'll have less bills once I pay them off using the loan
  17. dude, you are going down an extremely dangerous path

    i started with a polished water pump

    then i had to get a polished alternator

    then a polished a/c compressor

    then some shiny valve covers

    then i needed the march brackets because stock ones looked so crappy with all the other polished stuff

    and i ended up with this and a lot less money than i started out with:


    just put it down and back away ....
  18. I know but I want it to look good if I'm gonna do it. Yours is purdy

  19. ^ +100000000