MysteryMachine's Big Block 514 Project

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  1. but my hopes are I can get a deal on chroming. My gf's dad has a chroming business that he does as a side job. Hoping that he will hook me up so that will help out a lot
  2. hey maybe he can do the bumper of my fairlane ...
  3. maybe. I was gonna mention him to you but I wasn't sure if you had someone close to you. He is from West Virginia so shipping could kill the point of letting him do it. I figured I could just be like hey lets go see your dad and drive down there for a weekend and have him do up my stuff lol. We'll see when that time comes cause I don't know of anybody around here that does it
  4. Your car is going to be a beast when done. We are building a 521ci with A460 heads and 12.5:1 compression in an 89 Notchback. It's not even my car and I can't wait til it's done. It will be a street/Strip car
  5. Well probablly gonna pick up a D0VE block with the D0VE A460 heads. Its a complete block minus the intake and brackets. Dude is gonna sell it to me for $450which everyone says is a good deal. This way I don't have to worry about not having main caps for the block I already have. I'm gonna try to sell it and all the stuff I get off the new block that I don't need. I bought a set of fox 460 swap motor mounts tonight. Stuff is slowly getting bought. I also got my loan today so I got some money to work with not much but it will help.
  6. sounds good, are you still going with the 514? or just a fresh rebuild ,and maybe a cam, intake upgrade?
  7. Still going with the 514. I don't know why but I like the sound of that number. 514 with a heads, efi spyder intake, nice cam should throw out some nice hp. At least that's the dream as of right now.
  8. Sounds good, are you gonna use the elbow with the 90mm tbody , or the accufab 4-barrel style tbody with a airfilter? I think the accufab 4v style tbody would allow more hood clearance. I'd at least open up those heads on the exhaust side to.
  9. gonna go EFI or carb?
  10. Ive seen this thread for awhile but never read it until now. Nice to see your finally making some progess
  11. Good news bud, glad to hear youve found a functional engine!
  12. i have no idea yet. I would love to go some sort of efi. Either a spyder or one of these Them mass flo deals are pretty freaking expensive though. Then again a spyder is probably about 700, the tb is probably about 300, then chp wants 320 just for a fuel line kit to make your stock lines connect to the fuel rails that come with the intake.

    We already know I want it to be pretty so it would have to be polished. Now I have been thinking if i go carb or the mass flo i Could put a round air cleaner on it and get some decals made to go on it tha said Mystery 514 or Mystery Machine 514 which i think would look pretty sweet.

    All I know is I got my loan sent Dell there 1,259.xx and I only got a thousand something left I got the loan for 3 years and will have it spent in 3 days lol
  13. I think is all gonna come down to the amount of money I have and hood clearence when i drop the **** in. I wanna keep my hood and keep it hole free lol.
  14. holes suck :notnice: hope it fits
  15. Little update:

    Go to pick up the other motor tomorrow. Its a 70 DOVE-A block with A460 heads. its almost a complete motor so I'm gonna tear it down and try to sell what I don't need. I got the motor mounts today still need the rubbers for them and the bolts but thats no big deal.

    I found out that using the A460 heads I need special pistons and intake. The company I plan to get the stroker kit off of has a kit with them pistions in so thats great. Trying to find an intake is proving to be an issue so far. TFS makes one but they also have their own version of A460 heads so I'm not sure it it will work or not. The crazy part about it is summit wants 635 bucks for a intake for a carb. Thats just insane I think. I still have to look around and see if the spyders have an A460 setup.

    Anyway thats were I'm at. I'll try to get pics tomorrow but I'm not picking it up till close to 5 tomorrow night so it depends on how dark it is out.
  16. Picked it up found out that it don't have A460 heads on it. It has stock dove-c heads. After talking to the guys in the 460ford saturday night chat they think I should clean these up have tham checked then ebay them and get a set of TFS heads. Hopefully I'll make out alright doing that. Anyway now that I actually have something to work with this build can move forward.

    Heres the pics:
  17. Right now it looks like a historical fossel just dug out of the ground,.. almost like a big rock er something lol. KEEP those pics so you have a b4 and after!
  18. oh yeah I'm not getting them ones. I'll get the normal twisted wedge type ones. complete they are like 1800 or some crap