n/a 250 hp?

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  1. im thinking about selling my 5.0 and getting a 2.3 mostly because of gas. so i was wondering could i build a n/a 2.3 engine that can produce 250hp?
  2. its definately possible but be prepared to spend alot building a long block w/ at least 12.1 compression. I've seen 300hp mini-stock cars but they wouldn't be even close to streetable.

    A 87-88 turbocoupe 2.3 turbo was 200hp stock. Do pullies, exhaust(3" down pipe), use older style turbo (T3), run about 18 psi, and do some porting. Just those ebay items and you'll probably be 250hp with a bunch of torque and still get a good MPG if you keep you foot off of it. :p
  3. well right now im getting put on probation and will need a car with good gas milage. the stuff i want to do to the 5.0 i have now will cost me too much. so i just want a pretty fast 2.3 mustang. would it be possible to get 250hp at the flywheel?
  4. gas mileage and horsepower fight each other
  5. Exactly!

    On top of that, I'm averaging 19-20mpg with my 2.3 :bang:
    Don't assume that a 4 cylinder will get you better mpg.
  6. go turbo 2.3 charles, 250hp is very achievable/streetable that way. N/a 2.3 of the 250 hp type will cost you alot more than a 5.0 doing 250hp. pull a 2.3t from a turbocoupe/merkur-xr4ti and do the swap. If i do a search u will find alot of stuff thats required for the swap. Or go to stingers tech section
    all of which are a good way to get an introduction into what u can do witha a 2.3 :nice:
  7. What year 5.0 that you have that you may sell?

    also is it a hatch back or not?
  8. If you did you'd sell it for a 5.0 mostly because of the gas.
  9. I got my 2.3L 93' Mustang for better gas milage since I had a 24 mile round tripe drive to work 5-6 days a week. It was clearly cheaper than my 96' 4x4 Tahoe :)

    Now that I no longer work that far out I decided to either turbo my 2.3L or put a 5.0L in it , that was why I was asking.
  10. i have an 89 gt hatchback, its black, performance wise it has shorty headers, o/r hpipe, flowmaster catback, cold air intake, pulleys, and removed a/c. i recently replaced the tranny with a stock one with lesser miles and also replaced the clutch with a ford motor sport clutch. the car has 136k miles on it i belive. it has some paint chips, about 3 dings, about a 2-3 inch rip in the headrest (from some punk kids), needs new light bulbs in the interior. other than that the interior is good. if i did sell it id sell it for about $5000 knowing i paid that much for it and also put more money into it so i will sell if for that much.