N/A vs Blown

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N/A or Blown

  1. N/A - who needs a blower whne you got a hummer

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  2. Blown - the only way to ride

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  1. Ok guys as I rebuild the block I need to decide if I will go with a future blown application or stay N/A. I most likely will be rebuilding with the Stroker kit. Please give me your reasoning.
  2. i would go blown because after everything is done if you want more power all you need is a pulley swap and a re-tune :nice:
  3. how serious are you going to get?
  4. i'd really like to see somebody build a N/A 4.6 based mod motor, complete with cams, heads plus all the bolt-ons and gears. curious to see what it can do.

    talk to Jackie Chan and Mogs01gt if you want to know more about going N/A on a mod motor, they seem to favor that way over FI. thats not a smartass shot at you two, im really trying to point the guy in the right direction.
  5. i dont favor it. I just think FI is more for a serious setup. low 11 sec cars or better. I just wouldnt feel too cool with a FI car that was only capable of 12 sec slips :shrug: that ghey
  6. If I had the money, I'd go for the blower. For example, 350rwhp on a N/A engine is going to have to be a lot more radical than a 350rwhp blown engine.
  7. I agree with that. But you cant blame the blower for only making 385-400hp. A Novi 2000 can make well past the 350-400hp the stock internals will allow, which of course will allow better times. I'm assuming he's using forged internals and will be able to run low 11's, if he chooses to go that route.

    How serious are you 53BigDog? :shrug:
  8. if you are going to stay n/a go for the big bore. the stroker is the suck!:notnice:
  9. This is easy, its like a handjob vs a *******.
    The handjob you can give yourself so its cheap and easy.
    The ******* might cost you more, but the end result is much better.

    It all depends on how much u want to spend and what result u are looking for. You won't be able to beat the HP obtained from the blower.
  10. i dont think i would bother with a blower... n/a build for bragging rights or turbo for badass bragging rights....
  11. If those are the 2 options your looking at and have the funds. Blower.
    My thinking is. that if your building from the ground up for FI you'll go lower CR which means more boost more boost more better.
    Although after reading the success Hot has been having doing some the bolt on/ bolt in thing is becoming more attractive to me. :)
  12. I am a weekend warrior at the race track but do use the car as a daily driver. I have the stock block and would like to reuse that and just build from there, forged internals etc. In my other post http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=604729 I mentioned where I am at. I have only run the 1/8 mile and pulled a 9.6-9.8. I would love to be down to mid eights. I am not a big racer, just love the feel of good accereration and fun times. Money is always an issue so I am defientely looking at stages as far as the rebuild possible blower, etc.

    Jackie what are other ways to gain more HP in a N/A application besides flat pistons (more compression). I have a good exhaust (BBK headers, MAC Prochamber, and Flowmasters), PI heads that I will have port, polishes, and multiangle valve job done on, and U/D pullies, and T/A.
  13. if you want to stay NA, get the big bore. Have the pi/heads ported polished. Then get some VT stage 2 cams. Add longtubes and 4.30 gears and a sticky tire and you should be able to go 7.8-8.0 at 86. Maybe more depending on how much power you get from the big bore.
  14. Is you motor toast now? whats the deal?
  15. Ok here's what I'm thinking reading the info you gave.
    Built bottom end with stockish CR. Get the heads ported while they're out, and a nice set of like stg 1 cams (vt stg 1's, some 262 or 270 comp's) that way if later on you do go Forced induction your bottom end is there and you just won't be able to go boost crazy. The other benefit of doing the built bottom end is then you could ZING that baby up for at the track. To get the most out of it NA.
    Given what you've said Forged bottom end, comp 270's and ported heads. but that's just my opinion.
  16. F bragging rights. do whatever is cheapest yet safe and yeilds the results you want. power is power. get some.
  17. Not toast at all, just in need of crank bearings (at least from what I can see with everything still assembled.) So techinically I can rebuild it dirt cheap and keep the stock motor as is.

    However since I have it out I am going to replace all rings, bearing, seals, anyways, I thought I might as well prepare for the future and replace the internals and make it a brand new engine. The bout I am fighting is whether to rebuild with staying N/A in mind or rebuild and start saving over this year for a FI system come the mid/end of 2006.

    My ultimate goal was to get to a point where I had a nice middle of the road mustang that could hold its own on the track with friends and could get up and go in traffic when needed.
  18. What would you have to spend N/A to get 400 RWHP on pump gas vs a S/C?

    I think you will find the S/C a better deal.
  19. You stated earlier that you "are not a big racer". Since you are going to rebuild the thing anyway, why not have your pi heads reworked and throw on the set of cams of your choice, get it tuned, and have fun.
    It seems to me that would be the most cost effective thing to do. You gonna rebuild it anyway so why add on several thousand dollars extra for the blower.
    If you go all out and build a car with 400 rwhp, I would think you would eventually have durability issues with the tranny and rearend. Then, in addition to all the money you spent on the motor, you'd have to come up with another couple of grand to upgrade the rest of the drivetrain. Thats my view on it anyway. Good luck and keep us posted.
  20. Very Good Point, thanks!