"N" case 9" & 28 spline?

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  1. I am going to look at a N case 9" center section with 3:50 gears and a traction lock this weekend but the guy said it was 28 spline. I thought all N case rears were 31 spline. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. This is about the best source of complete info on Ford rear ends I've found.

    It's my understand the N cases all came with 31 splines as well, but there are regular 9" centers with 28 splines.
  3. Someone could have swapped things out... I have an N-case in my 68 that was never in a car, new from ford.. and I wouldnt be suprised too see one in a stock car with 28 spline axles because thats what they had when they built it..
  4. Anything was possible from Ford back then. I've seen one 69 Coupe w/ a nine inch 3.50 ratio 28 spline traction lok in an "N" case that was factory original. I've also seen one 69 Shelby GT350 that had the same thing all original. There must be more out there.
  5. i have a "N" case in my 67 and it is 28 spline