Roush N/W & WEST COAST ROUSH OWNER'S mark your calenders!!!!

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    August 19th 2007
    Hillyer's Mid City Ford / Dearborn Classics 10th Annual Ford Fever Classic / Woodburn, OR
    "Ford lovers this is your chance to have a day at the track exclusively for you. See great racing, show competition and swap area along with the chance to rub shoulders with other Ford fans. Event is hosted by the Capital Area Mustang Club of Salem and Dearborn Classics."

    Hillyer's Mid City Ford (a Roush Dealer) will be provinding a ROUSH CORRAL during the SHOW & SHINE with ROUSH specific trophies plus goody bags for all ROUSH participants. I will also be working with the ROEA (Roush Owners Enthusist Association) for further support. If there is enough interest the event organizers will provide a ROUSH specific lane in the staging area for those that would like to engage in some friendly 1/4 mile competition.

    Theres more:
    For those Roush owners that would like to make a weekend of it, I would love to organize a Cruise and HOOTERS event for Saturday the 18th

    SOUND OFF!!!

    Please send me an email if you plan on attending with your ROUSH so I can send out preregistraion information. [email protected]

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  3. August will be here before you know it............. :nice:

    Please make sure to email me if you have any questions. [email protected]
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    email me at [email protected] for the complete PDF flyer with pre-registration information.
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    I still have available a Roush Performance poster or hat autographed by Jack himself for the next 6 pre registered ROUSH vehicles or ROUSH powered vehicles that participates in the upcoming event....................

    SIGN UP TODAY!!! :flag:


    [email protected]
  6. how many cars are going on the cruise and to the show so far?
  7. How's it going Bullitt???????? It's hard to blast these people off they're butts...or should I say rocking chairs..........:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  8. SO far I have 10 confirmed ROUSH Mustangs pre registered for the event 4 pre 2004 and 6 2005 +

    The cruise might not happen since many particpants will be traveling that day from around the Northwest (Springfield, Spokane, Everett and Canada) on Saturday but a Hooters get together will happen around 6:00pm Saturday.

    I have a block of hotel rooms available if you need one.

    drop me an email at [email protected]


    Last day to take advange of the discount Hotel rates !!!

    To all pre registered ROUSH vehicles, Hilyers will be mailing out a $10 discount coupon to be used towards the $20 SHOW entry fee.

    Come join us for a great day at the ALL FORD SHOW & SHINE, Swap meet and ALL FORD Drag races.

    Current ROUSH group agenda.........

    Saturday AUGUST 18th
    MEET & GREET - HOOTERS Jantsen Beach - 5:00pm- until ??

    Sunday AUGUST 19th
    DEPART for Woodburn, OR from Hotel - 7:30am
    ALL FORD SHOW & SHINE, SWAP MEET & DRAG RACES - gates open 9:00am

    Hooter's GTG & ROUSH Show & Shine -->
  10. DAMN! I'll be cruisin around Cali and the west coast til the ABSOLUTE last day!!!

    Anyhow, everyone have fun...I'll be in the muggy Midwest :bang:

  11. LAST CALL !!!