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  1. sup. started off on the forums back in 03/04 on the old www.fordpower.net and have always heard about this place. been itching for some mustang talk lately so i signed up.

    i'm 27. live in houston. i'm an engineer in a brewery. i have a '90 project coupe. i had a '89 i bought off of a FP member, restored the top end on the motor (valve guides were shot), performed a 5 lug conversion, and did a bunch of other :poo: before i sold it off.

    the '90 i have now is going to be FUN. 302 .030" over. light weight rotating assembly. liberty trans. brodix heads. sheet metal intake and all the goodies to go with it. i've got a long list of stuff that needs to be done to it, but i just bought a place and have been working on the house as a priorty.

    new house i'm in has a shop, which is where the car sits now. i still have boxes and house stuff in it, but i'm going to clean it up in the next few weeks and install a 2 post lift to make the project work a bit easier.

    here is my shop:

    and the coupe:


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  2. welcome aboard, beautiful shop