Fox Na 306 E7te Heads 336hp/313tq

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  1. Update, post 105, page 6, made a couple decent runs... 12.2's at 112
    Update, post 35 page 2, now making 368rwhp 363rwtq

    Highlights of the combo are Duffee Mortorsports 10.6:1 306, Buddy Rawls custom cam, Duffee ported E7te's and OTB Edelbrock Victor EFI.

    Car was ran at operating temps, on ethanol winter blend 91 pump gas, drag radials at 28psi, full accessory belt ect., etc., aka, no dyno "tricks". The dyno sheet clearly shows the conditions and correction factor of 1%. The uncorrected numbers are 333.69/310.24



    I don't know what the dip in the tq curve is. I don't like it, but for the next while I'm going to enjoy the car and not fret over it.
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  2. It's a shaft mount solid roller, right? How do you like that on the street?

    What's the car tuned with? Throttle body setup? Exhaust?
  3. That's impressive with e7 heads.
  4. Awesome! any videos?
  5. No videos.
    Solid roller custom cam from Buddy Rawls, shaft mount Crower rockers.
    Cam is exactly what i asked for. Cruise of 2000+ rpm, although it will lug at 1500 it's not very happy. Pulling from a stop is a breeze with the dual plate clutch. Car pulls hard from 2000 but really starts to wake up at 4000rpm. From 4000 on up is just stupid on the street. Car rev's insanely quick.
    Car was tuned with Diablo chip on the stock A9L, on the street. likely have a dyno tune to sort the dip in the curves down the road a ways. I do not expect much/any increase in peak numbers.
    75mm AccuFab throttle body, 1-5/8" Hooker Super Comp LT's, matching Hooker 2-1/2" o/r H-pipe, 2-1/2" Flowmaster 2chmbr delta flow cat back with full tailpipes as seen in the photo.
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  6. I guess I have this really sorry and low quality video.
    I expect to be made fun of for sharing this.
  7. That is awesome, love the car.
  8. Nope, good enough, we get the point!
  9. How does the A9L manage your ~7000 shift points? I have not taken mine near that far but I hear they struggle.
  10. So far it likes it.
    Been pulling as high as 7200rpm on the shift light, so, 73-7400 and it likes it just fine. In recent discussion with Buddy it seems I am likely spinning the motor more than it optimally wants.
    99.9% of the time I'm shifting between 3000-4000... even when I wind it up I typically shift handy 4800, as once it gets up there it rev's so fast and goes so quick it's not safe/smart on the street... man, I'm getting old.
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  11. I would love some flow numbers on these heads. Lol

  12. I would hazard to guess that the injector slope is too high. What's your AFR meter saying when it happens and what size injectors are you using?
  13. Loving the E7 combo making great power!
  14. AFR is flat as a pancake as logged and shown on the bottom graph of the dyno sheet attached in this thread.
    sits at 12.7-12.8 straight across. We did notice some oddities with the vacuum gauge and fuel pressure, but we had no time for tuning as it was a club dyno day.
    When the heads were close to complete they flowed 215cfm with a generic 1.84 valve... after they were flowed there was final cleanup, valve seats were cut and the spiffy valves were installed. It would stand to reason they likely flow a little over 215 cfm finished. Intakes runners are 140cc's. Duffee's flow bench is either truly accurate, or conservative, as most heads that are flowed there seem to read below what people have been told, or, advertisements state. Example, my previous E7's were shipped with a flow sheet stating over 220cfm, yet they flowed 199cfm on Duffee's bench.
  15. You don't have any RPM activated devices associated with fuel or spark, do you?
  16. Hey you look familiar!
  17. it's fun to venture from home eh?
  18. had the car out to the track last weekend.
    Car ran like clockwork, driver has a lot of rust to be knocked off.
    P1050702 - Copy.JPG 001.jpg
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  19. What tires are you running? That's legit with he 110 trap speed. Good job!

  20. So what's the true secret to achieving the 333 rwhp w/ e7's? If i was to buy a TFS top end kit for nearly $3k i'd only maybe net 300 rwhp. Where are you getting ahead on a less expensive setup (I say less expensive because you don't have $1500+ in alum heads)? Are the heads reliable after all the porting?