Fox Na 306 E7te Heads 336hp/313tq

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  1. He has tons of time in porting/polishing/blending in those heads with a shaft mounted rockers,solid roller cam,etc. it's not an amateur build for the avg person. Also not cheap. Very cool build
  2. Not sure on the combo for the OP, but your not just going to slap an E7 combo together and made 330+ rwhp. There's a lot of good quality parts, set up right to do it.

    A typical out if the box HCI combo would take some tweaking to put down that kind of power.

    110 mph is moving nicely. Definately keep heading back and get the times down!
  3. I don't mean to put words in the OP's mouth, but his car is a perfect example of what happens when people who know what the fugg they're doing put an engine together.

    The TFS kit is a very vanilla kit with intentionally mild components so that people with little engine building knowledge can slap it together and experience some amount of success. If you wanted to make 330+ with the TFS kit, about the only parts you'd keep would be the cylinder heads. Dudes like @cleanLX would probably make north of 350 rwhp with basic aluminum heads like those.
  4. BFG drag radials, and as you can see I never mastered them. Given the way the car hooked/bog'd to a 1.88 on the second run, I'm certain 1.7's are well within reach... and if next time out I remember to let it rev to 7000rpm or a lil' more I would think the mph will improve.
    The combo is begging for 4.56's.

    The heads are only 140cc on the intake, and have only been milled 0.003".
    I would say they are as reliable as any other set of stock iron heads out there.
    The car runs just fine on poop-y ethanol blended 91 octane Phoenix AZ pump gas as it comes out of the Shell Station at the bottom of my street.
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  5. Nice! I'd assume allot of thought & experience went into that motor; whether the build was expensive or not is pretty much irrelevant... ;)

    P.S. Good times at the track... MPH say's you got some 12.30's to 12.40's in it with the tire\suspension all dialed in (and around sea level of course)....
  6. I think money IS relevant seeing as most people don't have it to waste and want the most HP out of as little $$ as possible. There may be some secrets and lots of experience in this build but how many people are putting that kind of power down with E7's? Most people think E7's are paper weights and you have to buy other heads and machine them in order to achieve those gains. For example, why would I want to purchase iron GT-40(p) heads for $200-$400 and then send them out to get reworked and machined for even more money when I can get similar or the same results from E7's and save some money up front?

    I'm only interested in a N/A setup myself so planning for a s/c is none of my concern. E7's like CleanLX's really makes your car a sleeper and I like that.
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  7. Heh, heh.... What I was trying to relay was the fact that more knowledge & experience went into the build than anything else. Yes, money can buy that kind of work. But if you can do the work yourself & know what your doing; it can be relatively inexpensive & one heck of a powerful combination....
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  8. The issue is most people want to simply bolt on the power, and E7s require work to get there.

    A GT40 head with the same work done should make more power, so that 200-400 extra dollars, means more power (assuming you work the E7 and GT40 the same after). An aluminum head with the same good parts and porting work as the E7 or GT40s will cost more, but make more power.

    How fast do you want to go?
  9. Got that right!!! Where's my magic wand so I can wave it and get me some of that :stir:
  10. I think the truly amazing thing about this combo is most people would say there is no way this would work. If I came on here and posted that I wanted to make 330rwhp N/A, most people would say there is no way, or that it would take more cubes, high compression requiring race gas, and an all out max race effort build.

    I am still simply amazed!

  11. Especially if you came on a forum and said you wanted to make 330 rwhp while retaining the stock iron E7 heads you'd most likely get :flame: and :rlaugh:at. However I'll still get aluminum heads someday because it takes a lot of guess work out of it.
  12. Can you feel that dip in power when full throttle?

    Pretty cool to see E7's make that kind of power. I'm sure it wasn't cheap but I like idea.
  13. Never feel it. Weird.
  14. little early to get too excited, but sorting thu some issues...
    TFI was bad, O2's were bad, something that controls the fuel pump was bad, something fuel related was burnt and cooked... some bad grounds...
    Car is being retuned...

    So far, over 360hps from 5400-6800rpm, peak of 369hp...
  15. Oh hell yes
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  16. If I remember correctly you are located in Arizona. Do you plan on making any passes this fall/winter? Now that you're sorting thru the issues and seem to have it running solidly it would be cool to see some et numbers:)
  17. That's crazy. Looking forward to the new results.

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  18. AZ, yes, Phoenix, and as a matter of fact cooler weather rolled in this week. 60's over night and only 80's through the day.
    4.56's will go in the pumpkin, and I'll make some passes for sure.
    Might even get some new rubber for my ghetto track wheels.
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  19. Do you have any port work done to the intake?
  20. I just found this thread, awesome!

    I never imagined e7's could support so much cfm. With a 140cc runner the torque curve is amazing.