NA Big Bore Dyno Results w/ addition

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  1. All,
    I've dynoed my big bore combo before, but i finally decided to try a BBK 65mm throttle body. I ported the lid in an attempt to match the dual butterfly's, but I was reluctant to get too agressive due to the IAC path.

    I dynoed on 8/16. It was 83 degrees at alternative auto (inside the shop)
    Last time i dynoed there, it was 71 degrees. Lidio said that if I would have waited until the same conditions (regardless of using SAE), I would have seen an additional 5-10rwhp. In my experience, Lidio is usually correct.

    In short, I made 378rwhp & 366.5 rwtq. I was pretty happy. I'm guessing that if i redyno in cooler weather, i'll see around 380-385rwhp! I'm pretty happy with the numbers. But the TQ curve & peak is what really impresses me... I took the time to make alot of comparisons between pre-big bore & afterwards. I hope you all find this info interesting. If you have any questions, let me know...


    big bore w/ bbk 65 throttle body

    Here is the before/after adding the BBK 65mm TB: 305 vs 305 + BBK

    check out the rest of the mods and comparisons i did at: BlackSnake305
  2. Looks like you gained around 4 peak RWHP and 9 ft ft lbs. Not bad...nice gain across the entire RPM's.

    Starting to run out of things to do n/a aren't you? So when's the nitrous going on :D

    I don't know about picking up 10RWHP with 10 degrees cooler temp on an n/a car though....but I'm no expert. I'm thinking 2-4 RWHP. I'll bet you could hit the 380 mark in the fall.
  3. thanks. as far as nitrous goes, i'd love to, but $1300 bones on juice is not in the cards this year. After i pay off one of my 3 cars, i'm looking to buy a boat.
    I saw your ride the other day. I'm sure it will be baddazz for sure. couple more days i hear...

    PS: integrapower on detroit racing: his name is matt and he works in my building. I told him bout your site... :rolleyes: hehe
  4. ...maybe even today. :shrug:
    They were putting fluid in it yesteday hoping to start it before they left for the day...just waiting to hear from Lidio.
  5. Those are some pretty impressive n/a numbers. What compression ratio are you running? Any head or cam work to go along with the big bore?
  6. Just what I was gonna post. Id like knowing more about your combo too. Congrats buddy.
  7. impressive numbers for 305 cubes :nice:

    I think that t/b switch was a winner. Nice gains everywhere.
  8. in my original post, the BlackSnake link is a link to the main Cobra webpage.

    My next goal is to lighten the car. I'm thinking a Kenne Brown K-member & coilovers...