NAIAS show picture and review thread

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  1. 05 Stang parked in front of GM stand at NAIAS

    Ford decided to strategically place a 2005 Mustang right in front of the entrance to the GM area at NAIAS

  2. lol that's cold.

    Too bad that's as close a lot of Chevy lovers will get to a pony car for a long time.
  3. MUAHAHAHA...great job Ford.
  4. Did I hear that the 300hp GT will be available in a trim less starting less than 20K? :hail2: :nice: Or am I just haveing some really cruel editing joke played on me? :bang: (Please God say its true :nice: )
  5. hey has anyone gone to the detroit auto show? Is the new mustang just for show or can you get in it?
  6. It doesn't open to the public until Next Wednesday....
  7. when will the 05 mustang be available.
  8. 05 Stang at LA Auto Show

    Well they had the 05 stang at the LA auto show. theyhad the same burgundy one that is in all the pics. I didnt take my camera but let me tell you that it was sweet. The rear doesnt hang out as much in person as it looks like it does in the pics. The lines flow well and the car overall looks smooth. The interior is also more subtle in person, the alum parts dont look as shiny. Standing from behind you cannot see the muffs unless you squat. The car has a mean stance and the 4x4 look is gone. Overall i was impressed how much better it looks in person. Now after seeing it for myself i can definitely say i would buy this car and probably will. :nice:
  9. i definitly heard him say that both models would start below 20,000, if thats true, thats amazing :flag: go ford :banana:
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing....was the 300HP for under $20k a mistake? If that's true, owning a GT would become so mainstream and not feel special anymore.
  11. prolly just a slip of the tongue, he's just all jittery about this baby like us
  12. I wonder what the cobra will start at.
  13. That has GOT to be a mistake. No way would they offer a car with more power,new styling, better potential handling AND better gas mileage over the current GT for 5k less. Maybe he meant both would start under 30k.
  14. Thank God, I'm amazed Ford brought one out for us..

    Maybe they read our complaints.. :p

    I'm there Wednesday..
  15. I saw the 05 Mustang GT at the auto show- I was unsure when I saw the magazine but...

    That car does not photograph well at all.......

    Take all the pictures you have seen and throw them away.

    I was not sure about the car until I saw it in person and let me tell you this.

    This car is incredible. We have a WINNER!!! :cheers:

    The lines on that car are absolutely BEAUTIFUL

    I walked back to look at that car 4 TIMES!!!

    The car is much longer, sleeker then it looks in the pictures....

    It looks very close to the prototype.

    No 4x4 look, the back end looks 10000000xs better in real life.

    The proportions are perfect...they scream 65 or 69 Mustang....

    I would buy one in a heart beat...but I would have to sell one of the Shelbys....

    Maybe when they come out with the Cobra...I may have to say goodbye to the GT350....its that beautiful. :flag:
  16. I got room in my garage! :banana: :D


  17. Seel a GT-350 for one? That would have to be one badazzed car to get rid of that! The '65 GT-350's are only one of my favorite cars of all time! :hail2:

    Put up a pic of the GT-350. Did you get any of the '05?
  18. I am going this weekend