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  1. Among the spare parts that came with my 91 was a pair of spindles, rotors and calipers. Can anyone identify them? They are 5 lug and appear to have an ABS ring in the middle. A picture is attached of both sides.

    After you ID them, do you have any suggestions of what I should do with them (or not) on a fox body? I like my pony wheels on my 91 and may not be excited about a five lug swap. But I have another project - a 1980 hatch - in mind.

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  2. They appear to be 99-03 'PBR' brakes.

    Measure them, and if they are larger than 13" diameter rotors, they are Mach/Bullit/Cobra discs, if they are smaller than 13" diameter, they are the GT 'PBR' brakes. Either is a good setup. Both are aluminum dual piston calipers, unlike the earlier iron single pistons. They are great upgrade brakes.

    Some problems:
    If they are the larger Cobra brakes, they will NOT fit any rim less than 17" in diameter, and some 17" rims don't fit over them.
    If the spindles are from a 94-95 car, they will only be 3mm per side wider in track than an 87-93 car (Wider on a pre-87, but I don't know the exact amount.)
    If the spindles are from a 96-98, they will be about 6mm per side wider still than 87-93.
    If the spindles are from a 99-03, they will put the front tires 13mm+ (1/2"+) wider than 87-93.

    These are some things to consider, especially when dealing with wheel fitment and keeping tires inside the wheel wells.
    If you are putting on the spindles, then picking wheels/tires, you can take this into account before hand, but if you already have the perfect wheels/tires, and don't want to change, this can be an issue.

    If any of this is a problem, sell them.
    PBRs should be good for $150, and Cobras might bring $250 to the right person. (The condition of your set might be a problem for top dollar though.)
    (I recently got a pristine set of Cobras for $200, but I wasn't looking for them, they just presented themselves.)
  3. I am pretty sure they are PBRs.
    The calipers don't look like my Cobras. I could be wrong though... going totally on memory, and that ain't getting better each year. ;)
  4. those are the v6/gt pbr brakes from a 99-04. same ones I have on my car. with some cleaning they can look sharp, weigh less than half what the 94-98 calipers do, and have more stopping power. Just be aware those likely are the 99 spindles as well which could run you into wheel geometry and fitment issues.
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  5. If you find a set of 94-95 spindles, you can keep your front width to only 3mm wider, and these brakes will go right onto those spindles.

    I checked out my Cobra brakes, and those aren't it, but stykthyn beat me to it. PBRs.
    There is a market for them among 94-98 guys that have the single piston units if you don't want them.
    Some of those guys want more braking, without springing for the bigger Cobra brakes and larger wheels they require.
  6. if you put them onto 95 spindles you will need to clearance the spindle slightly for them fit. easily done with a dremel or file.
  7. I'd keep em for now. If you ever decide to sell them, it will be an easy sale, even with the 96+ spindles.

    Highly underrated brake setup. Light, fits under 15" wheels and has great first time stopping power (great drag brakes) due to large pad swept area.
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  8. Clean them up and use them, I did this swap on my 93 over the summer and I think they came out pretty nice.


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  9. They have PBR on top of the rotor, so that answers it for me. The next question is how do I verify the spindles are the same year as the brakes? And the follow up, please confirm what year and model spindles I want. I will also do a thread search. Thanks!
  10. GT , V6 or are they spindles the same? What about the right hoses and master cylinder if I leave drums out back? Ideally, I would also go 5 lug disc out rear and have to sell my pony wheels.
  11. Spindles are the same for each year. In other words, a 1994 V6 Mustang has the same spindles as a 1994 Cobra.

    The years offer up more of a significant difference. 94-95 have a curved steering arm, while 96-04 have a straight arm. You can use either spindles, but the 94-95 tend to be more preferred for Fox Mustangs.

    If you run those calipers with rear drums, leave your MC/booster alone.
    If you install SN95 disk brakes, youre setup closely resembles a 99-04 V6 Mustang with vacuum brakes, which used a 1" bore MC and a vacuum booster similiar to a 94-95. That means you can use a 1993 Cobra MC and either 93 cobra booster or 94-95 booster (any)
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  12. They are the 96 up spindles that have a straight arm where the tie rod end goes in. And the PBR calipers go over rotors that are about 11". For now, I will put them on eBay, upgrade my 4 lug brakes as much as I can, and save by not buying new wheels. LRS and SVE have a nice kit for this.