Name your DREAM Mustang

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  1. This should be an interesting thread.

    I'm interested to know what your all-time dream Mustang is. If you could have ANY Mustang, new or old, what would it be? (Post an pic of it if poss)


    1967 Fastback GT 390 (Highland green) - essentially McQueen's car in Bullitt

  2. im driving mine. 06 Turbo stang eleanor style.
  3. I want an old school mach 1!

  4. I have to say the same, I have my dream mustang. It just needs a couple more things. Built short block and big brake kit. Then she's perfect.

  5. Looks wise I'm driving mine too. I've done everything I wanted to do cosmetically. (Avatar is stock execpt for wheels)

    I wouldn't mine a supercharger under the hood though.
  6. My grandpa's old Mustang. 1971 Boss 351 in Grabber Lime.
  7. I'll take a 1995 cobra R with the 351 stroked to a 408
  8. '69/'70 Mach 1 428 SCJ in red please
  9. Emay - your car is so hot...
  10. original shelby gt500kr nuff said
  11. I like 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford's "Fox 500" project. I would love to own that when its finished.
  12. Emay and Belzebub2u...

    Wow, I am really impressed with your cars. Very nice-looking!

    Emay, I would be afraid to drive yours it is so perfect.
  13. Mine.

    Paid off
  14. 93' Notch in Calypso Green with Grey Tweed Interior and a 5 speed. Showroom new with like next to nothing for miles on it.
  15. 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429
  16. I second the Boss429. I lived in Brighton Michigan (town where the Boss429's were built) I had a Boss429 fender decal on my high school locker.

    But for a "driver" - I just bought my dream car (at least, for now). A new black Roush 428R (#75 of 200). I'll pick it up as soon as I can make arrangements to get up there to get it and be somewhat confident of the weather. It'll be a 10 hr. drive each way. I'll get some pics once I get it home.
  17. I would have the GT-R concept. except w/ an interiour. and in black and silver. ahhhhh 5.0 w/ a wing side exhaust, front fender vents, glorious 5 spoke rims. :jaw:
  18. Thats pretty much what I would go for, except black. I have a thing for black cars!:D
  19. If not my car now, I would love to have a '67 GT/A fastback in metallic blue!
  20. Mine would be a 1967 shelby GT-500, sooo.......... if anyone is giving one away, please let me know, I'll even pick it up.