Name your DREAM Mustang

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  1. Same here. Always loved the 1968 Shelby GT500-KR Black Covertible. Just like this:

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  2. Another one here for the 70 Boss '9 nothing else compares!
  3. Didn't think of it until I read this thread, but I'm driving my dream Mustang, an 08 Bullitt.

    Dark Highland Green, 5 speed, 1100 miles, and true love.

    This is the most awesome car on the planet. Makes it one of the three most:) totally awesome cars ever produced! (72 Jeep Commando, 79 Mercury Capri 5.0, and Bullitt)
  4. 2011 GT 500 Grabber Blue with white stripes please:drool:
  5. Yellow Blaze Metallic Boss 302 with side scoops and 20" lace wheels. That color really looks good in person especially set off with the black hood and side stripes.
  6. Pretty much this exact car:

    2011 GT500 SVT (white w/o stripes)

    The '93 Saleen SA-10 was my dream Mustang for a LONG time.

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  7. :nice: came in here to post this

  8. I'd go complete old school. Talking 64.5 rag top, candy apple red with a white rag top (some white leather would be ideal), oh and since were I'd want the original V8 with all matching numbers.....But heck that's the dream lets take her back down to reality, I'm driving a car alot of ppl would dream of right now


    No it's not black! I love this color, it's Lava red, and not to mention I travelled 400miles just to ensure my car had the Lava red inserts (lets not forget it's a GT appearance package 5 w/the brembos since they're not visible in this pic) in the leather also.