Name your mustang?

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  1. ok. how many of you have a name for your mustang (or any other car) and if you do what is it?
    i was thinking about calling my stang something but i don't have any ideas :shrug:
  2. My kids (girls) have named it "LOUD CAR"
  3. the mustang is the "Phantom Lord" do a search on car names and you'll find the very long story of how it got named but the short story is i was listening to metallica and i got a flyover from an f4 phantom. my daughter calls it the "hot ride", she couldn't say hot rod when she was younger....

    my old jeep was "Pepe" like the bronco in romancing the stone "my little mule Pepe"

    my wifes old explorer was "Dora" daughter named it

    my 86 towncar is "TC" or the "pimp daddy" wife and daughter call it that. :rolleyes:

    my old 74 ranchero GT was the "Mosh Mobile" friend named it

    my old 78 dodge monaco was the "Pimp Mobile" all of my friends named it

    my old 78 mustang II 4 cylinder was "Flash" like Rosco's dog in dukes of hazard. it fit

    my best friend's 84 dodge pickup got named "Christine" by his wife.

    my brother had an old 70's olds cutlass 4 door that was painted that non metallic medium blue color, his friends called it papa smurf.

    i don't think you should name your car, either the car will name itself or someone will name it for you, that's how all of mine got named.
  4. My 67 Fastback has been named "The retirement project" by me because I think that's when I'll find time to work on it.
    Back in the 70s I had a 72 Pinto that friends called "The Limo."
  5. My '68 was "Lola" - I thought it kind of suited her.
    The '67 Vert I have now is the Trailer Queen, so named after my Dad insisted on trailering her to a show rather than drive her.
    My Dad's '73 Mach 1 was called Machie (pronounced Mah-kee) a similarly creative vein, his Dodge Ram was called Rammie and my '92 Bronco Bronkie.
    My SVT Focus is Svetlana - or rather, SVeTlana, in honor of the Special Vehicles Team.
  6. my 2003 mustang is called "noble steed" from shrek
    my 1968 britanny blue fastback is called "old blue horse"
    my wife's 67 coupe is the "green hornet" soon to be a replica of the 68 shelby coupe
    "Norma Jean" a 67 convertible is just 8 hours away from being delivered here

    I used to have an f 250 work truck called the "brick" because it was the same color and aerodynamics of a brick

    after that I had a base ranger with no sway bars called "the jelly bean" because it handled like a jelly bean in a candy dish

    my 1997 explorer is called "black truck shellack"after the bugs bunny
    character Black Jacques shellack (episode with all the dams) because it kept needing sensors ...."no.. not this one Jacques"
  7. My most notable cars all took on names and personnas as the cars developed.

    The 68 convertible very late in it's careeer finally got the name "The Deceiver" two years after I had painted it (1985) blue & white stripes. It was lettered at the 1985 CAR CRAFT Street Machine Nationals.

    The 69 'Vert took on it's now-legendary "Chepsk8" moniker after being the basis for the motor swap story in Mustang Illustrated. That took a few years as well after initially purchasing the car.

    My Cobra was actually named here on the forums! Derived right from my name!
  8. Cheapie didn't just get the motor; she got the Taurus rack, the 3:55 chunk-swap; the "old tent-canvas" roof patches. Some how, I only got the mag with the "chunk-swap" article.... would love to find old copies of the rest.

    Which name for the Cobra? Cobrask8 or Crunchsk8??? :rlaugh:
  9. my 67 fastback the Dutchman
    my 40 Chevy Dirty Harry "Do You Feel Lucky"
    My van is the Marshmellow Big white and soft
    My truck Big Red
    My wifes car" Dont Touch" she says that all the time, a little sports car I end up crawling out of it. To Small.

  10. i've got the chunk swap article too, in fact i think i have all of the "chepsk8 chronicles" i believe.
  11. ya my 73 mach is called nancy.. also my screen name. i find a name useful when the goin gets tough. used to say when i got stuck in the mudd with the old truck "come on girl"..
  12. MY name came about b/c one of my dads friends had a 66 coupe with gallspacks that was really loud. His relatives called it "thunder" and we always joked about it, so when i got mine, we named it lightning, b/c lightning is ALWAYS faster than thunder :)

    although that has changed since, he got a 67 gt-A fastback w/ a 390.....smoking!
  13. haha. nice.
  14. My first mustang was Sadie just because it just sounded right.

    This mustang is Murphy as in Murphy's Law because swapping out the engine ended up being a nightmare of a project (I was calling it Satan Car for about 3 weeks).


  15. hey chelle, i think you should call that know christine's little brother. LOL
  16. Yeah, but Christine fixed herself. Although my turn signal problem did kind of resolve itself . . .

  17. My 68 is Isabel.
    I don't really have a name for my 04, we call it "the blue car".
    The 90 doesn't really have a name, I call it "the 90" my wife calls it the b*tch car whenever she's not happy with it.
    Oh, we have a 87 coupe that we call "Frankenstien", you should have seen how this car was cobbled together when we bought it.
  18. yeah but only after she was done and something happened to her. your car's not done yet so we don't know if it will fix itself or not but you did say that the turn signal problem fixed itself. maybe that's just the start of things to come? muwahhaha
  19. I am the Evil Overlord after all so I guess it's only fitting that I have an evil car.[​IMG]


  20. the mistress of mayhem. BTW, your avatar is smokin' hot right now.:drool: