Name your mustang?

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  1. my wife calls my 66GT "The Red head", I call it the "wish List" since that's all I can do to it currently as it is just sitting in the back yard.
  2. Dude; don't be :drool: over the Closet Keeper chick! :nono: That's a serious Gutter-Party foul :notnice:

    The only guy allowed to :drool: over the Closet-Keeper chick (or her red-haired sister) is ME! Didn't you get the memo?

    Fritz, why didn't he get the memo????

    EDIT: BTW, it's "Mistress of the Malignant Metal" :nice:
    (Hey Fritz, where is that little pic of a 2-yr-old "EVIL OVERLORD"????? :scratch:
  3. I'm there man; except Catrin is sitting in my carport; staring at me forlornly every morning when I go to work and every evening when I drag my sorry butt back home. :nonono:
  4. My 1967 fastback is named Shiela Ann, after the girl I was dating when I bought her. It only seemed fitting, as when it came time for the down payment, I was short and she gave me a loan. Without her, I would never have owned my car in the first place. :)
  5. I forgot to mention that I often refer to my stang as my rolling bank account! :D how familiar is that to most of us!!
  6. Nice! Could also be the rolling IRA
  7. My 66 sauterne gold, San Jose built coupe will have the nickname "California gold" since I can't think of anything better at the moment. My wife calls it, "The OTHER woman", and even bought a garter to hang on the rear-view mirror, lol:shrug:
  8. my red '66 coupe is 'Uncle F**k Man'

    my uncle david worked as a civilian radar tech for the u.s. navy in the 60's and 70's.

    he spent a few months in japan, and as always, when returning from foreign places, he brought all the kids (in this case my dad) swag.

    he brought my dad a tshirt that was plain white, but with big, block print words on the front that said "Uncle F uck Man"

    apparently, they wore all kinds of stuff like this, as they had no clue what it meant, but loved how it sounded

    due to the fact that i didn't know what i was buying, or much about cars at all, 2 years ago when i bought my car, i called uncle **** man because i was clueless, even though i knew it was cool ;)
  9. I call my 89 lx the "Vanilla Gorilla" All white exterior, red gut and 420 ft lb's of torque.
  10. I thought only girls named their cars...:D

  11. actually i think more guys cars have names than girls cars do.
  12. My 2000 isn't named, as naming cars seems to lead to nothing but problems for us. I generally refer to it as "the greeen one" (yes, with three "e"s).

    The 73 is Eleanor. As in the original Gone movie's star, the yellow 73 Mach. This is why:


    And yes, naming her has kept with our bad luck theme! We're on engine #4 with countless setbacks since 02 when we bought her. There is currently an unindentified noise in the drivetrain. We'll chase it come spring. Did I mention she managed to shear a stud off her brand new B&M holeshot on her maiden run with the new motor? Made it about 8 houses....:rolleyes:

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  13. after some recent engine rebuild problems, I've decided to rename my stang pandora, b/c after we opened that engine a whole crap load of problems came out :D and there isn;t a whole lot of hope left.
  14. My 65 Fastback was named "Quicksilver" by the builder of the car.
    It seems to work since the car is silver:shrug:
  15. My little boy calls her"Daddy's race car", He also calls my father's 68 Chevelle "Pappy's race car". I called my 97 cobra the [email protected] because I was always dumping money into it.
  16. Thanks man! Really cool to hear :nice:
    Really dig "Quicksilver" myself, remember it from the article in PHR!
  17. I got my 70 Mach 1 when my dad came down with lung cancer, he is gone now. Before he passed away I asked him what her name was. He said she is definetly a "she" and that "she" was the love of his life. He was the original owner but never named her. I came up with her last name which honors my father and the clan, "Machleish". Still haven't decided on a first name.