Naperville Mach1 Sighting!!!!!

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  1. So I finally saw another mach1 on the road today! My first mach 1 sighting! Were any of you traveling West on 75th Street, right past Washington Street around 3pm in Naperville?? It was an azure mach1 just like mine, only I was with my mom in her zinc yellow 03 cobra traveling East. I was soooo excited to see another mach on the street. All I can say after seeing it is......DAMN....I have one nice ride!!!! lol

    Was this one of you guys in the mach today??
  2. I have one that comes into work about every week. They are good looking cars. I saw a new GT drive by the other day also
  3. Yeah I am not use to seeing another one on the road so it was kinda cool! You saw a new GT.....2005?
  4. I just want to go for a ride in one see how it handles. I just drool every time i see one(there are only 2 around me) I don't know what year the GT was but it was headed in the direction of Michigan International Speedway from US 23 so my guess it was ford driving one down for something.
  5. You want to see how the mach handles? If that's what you were talking about, yeah it handles really well....especially compared to my old 01 GT.
  6. There's a guy in an azure blue mach who lives or works out here by where I live. I see him at the same intersection once a weak or so. There's a rousch that sits in my parking lot on the weekends, I'm on a mission to find out who owns that. :flag:
  7. What part of Naperville do you live? And is the Rousch black? We need to get the mach owner over to Stangnet!!
  8. I live just north of Fox Valley Mall. The rousch is a silverish color. It still has temp. plates on it, so it's pretty new. There's actually quite a few stangs around my neighborhood. There's atleast 4 GT's across the street from me, I started noticing an 03 cobra about a month ago coming out of the sub., and there's a guy with a blk/slvr mach 1 by me.
  9. Yeah I am south of the mall off of 59 and I never see any other mustangs near me. I did see a dsg cobra in bolingbrook a few weeks ago but that's about it. I am always wondering where are all the stangs in Naperville b/c it doesn't look like they ever meet up or anything...unless I just don't know about it.
  10. I think I've seen that Rousch, too. I've seen it in my friend's parking lot, but never got to see who owns it. I'm suprised you don't see them that often. I see a lot of Mach1's and '03 Cobras around Downers Grove and Naperville just about every day.
  11. Where does your friend live?
  12. Yeah and I am on the road a lot, too. My mom has an 03 zinc yellow cobra and I have only seen the 1 other cobra and 1 other mach around my area. Maybe it's b/c I am usually around south Naperville. I dunno! I am in downtown Naperville usually Thursday nights and weekends. I'll probably see more now that it is nice out. Where do you live in Woodridge? I grew up in Bolingbrook/Woodridge and have friends that are still around there.

    Oh I also see a black rousch parked at Naperville Central when I pass by there on my way to must belong to a high schooler!
  13. I've snooped around this site for a while (mostly for 2005 info) and I just realized how many of you are from the Naperville area. I too live in Naperville, just north of the Fox Valley Mall. I've probably seen alot of you on the roads. I know I've seen at least one Azure Blue Mach 1 (mach1grrl ?) around town along with many other GT's. I have 98 Dark Green GT convertible in case you've seen me. I look forward to talking with you all more and possibly getting a "cruise night" set up for us to get together and enjoy our Stangs. :D
  14. Hey welcome GTvert98!! So everyone in Naperville has been hiding, huh?? lol. I was wondering where all the guys from Naperville with stangs were at! Yeah the mach is my daily driver so I am always on the road, so you have probably seen me! I have been trying to find some people in Naperville with stangs to meet up with, so I think planning some type of get together now that the weather is getting nice is a great idea!

  15. My GT is a daily driver too, but I work in Chicago so you won't see me around alot during the weekdays. The weekends are a different story...I am usually all over the place, between Naperville and Plainfield.
  16. Yeah same here. I am usually in the burbs during the week, and spend a lot of time in the city on weekends...usually spend one night on the weekend round here, and the other night in the city. I live right off of Naper-plainfield Road actually. I don't really know of any place where anyone hangs out with their cars in naperville, though. We should definitely all look into planning something though!
  17. hey i will be home in a couple weeks, done with school for the summer!!!! i live in wheaton and wouldn't mind cruising withe some stangs...all my friends have f-bodies :( let me know if you guys have planned meetings and whatnot
  18. Hopefully we can get a planned meeting going soon! All my friends aren't into ANY cars, of ANY type....they're typical girls who think I'm!
  19. well it is nice to find a girl who in into cars...those are rare these days!
  20. Yeah tell me about it! Actually I find it hard to even find guys that are really into cars...guess I'm not looking in the right places....haha!