Naperville Mach1 Sighting!!!!!

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by mach1grrl, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. sounds good! See you guys there FOR SURE!!!!!!!! :D
  2. there are no probablies.haha jk that's more like it!!!
  3. So everyone is meeting around 630 right?
  4. Hey what are the directions from 59?
  5. Im going...anyone have any idea how to get there from where I live??? In Arlington Heights right off of 53.
  6. Hey, I'm new to SN but I wanted to say that if there was ever a get together on the north side of Chicago I'd be interested in seeing what you guys have. Glad to know that there is a healthy group of Mustang owners and not everyone has gone over to the imports!!!
  7. 59 north to North Ave (64) Go right...take that down to Gary (take a left), will be about a mile down on the left hand side. Can't miss the ferris wheel. I would go past that and take a left on Lies Rd. and the otehr parking lot is right on the right hand side. hope that helps. it might not be the fastest way, but I get lost a lot and that is the simpliest.
  8. Ryan take rt 53 to Army Trail and then head west to Gary rd. Turn left it's up about a mile or two it'll be on the left hand side from your direction.

    Mach1grrl take Rt 59 down to North Ave. Turn Right (east) head to Gary Rd. make a left it's down about 3-4 miles on it'll be on the right hand side.

    Welcome to SN jrd0007 we have meets all the time but they are usually in the burbs if you have a chance to come to one of em please feel free.

    I'll be there but can't say for sure what time I'm super busy today with work so I can't tell what time I'll get out today but I'll be there
  9. Thanks guys! Austin glad to hear I am not the only one who gets lost verrrry easily!!! Simple directions work the best for me!

    JRD007, where are you in Chicago? I am near the north side a lot, since I have a lot of friends up there!
  10. wait a minute... there is a gathering???????

    when? where? what time? I live not too far from Mach1grrl, but work by O'hare till about 4. Of course a bird just pooped on my car, I would love to go home and wash it and make it back.
  11. Carol Stream's cruise night. 6-9 I think. We are meeting around 630. yeah I have to stop at home and clean off bird **** as well! You should come!!! Directions are above!!
  12. Tonight, Carol Stream, 6:30-???
  13. Yup I'll be there
  14. So that's where you guys were heading, mach1grrl.....I was just out for BBQ, I should have followed you guys to carol stream.....we'll be in wheaton tomorrow if anyone is up for it. Come by 6pm if you want a space.
  15. Yeah that's where we were heading. I thought you were heading the same way, but then you turned off and I remembered you lived in Warrenville. Very very nice ride by the way!!!!

  16. nice cobra woomaster, your plate gives you away haha... I was the blue GT in front of machgirl...
  17. hey woomaster what's your name...i will prob be up there, not sure if i am going to park, but i might if I get my badges in today...peace
    hey where do you park..are you there with other stangers?
  18. i missed it all ....


    When will we do it again. I would like to meet all of you, and show off my silver GT.
  19. Next thursday! Same place!
  20. Hey GTVert98....were you on 95th Street near Naper/Plainfield Road yesterday around 1215?? I could have sworn I passed by a white mach and was wondering if it was you!