Naperville Mach1 Sighting!!!!!

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  1. Nope, I was actually in Plainfield (at church) at that time. That would be cool if there was another Mach in our area. I saw a Comp Orange Mach over by our apartment complex last week. I gave the guy a wave and he looked all confused :shrug:

    BTW...we just signed a contract over the weekend for a townhouse in Naperville :D It's still off North Aurora Rd but it's east of Rt 59 (about 1 mile). We don't close until the end of July. I guess that's one less stang in the Bristol Station apartments parking lot...I'm really going to enjoy having a garage though. Finally a place to really take care of my Mach :nice:
  2. Well guess there are 2 more machs in the area then! Yeah this mach had temporary plates on it, too, I think. When we went up to the Carol Stream cruise nite on Thursday, a red mach showed up. He just bought it few weeks ago....not sure if you noticed the red mach on the lot at Fair Oaks Ford. Well this was the one he bought and he said he checked and I guess there is only 1 or 2 more still at dealerships around here for guess we won't be seeing too many more.

    Congratulations on the townhouse, too!!! That's awesome! Yeah now a place to wash and wax the car, too!!
  3. Yeah, we drove by Fair Oaks on Saturday morning and I noticed the red Mach was gone. It will be nice when they are all sold out in the area and we have the only few :D I noticed, though, that only you and I have registered at We'll have to track the others down and get them to register.
    I noticed a couple of Mustangs in the neighborhood that we are moving to. We'll have to recruit them into our "group." All we'll have to do is cruise through the neighborhood...that'll get them
  4. What's your name on the Registry? Yeah that site has been really really helpful actually. Oh people to recruit!! Sweet! They can become as addicted as we have become!!!
  5. I'm White03 on that site (real original, huh?) I don't post alot, just mostly get info on problems and mods and stuff. If you look at the registry list sorted by city, our first names on there (instead of our "screen" names)
  6. Ahhh ok! Thanks! Yeah I don't post a ton on there either, but you can definitely get more info and help with machs on there than on here.
  7. Newbie Here in Naperville!!! This looks like the place to be if you live in Naperville! WOW - mach1grrl - I see you live in River Run...I'm in Ashbury. Looks like there are a few other peeps here as well from the neighborhood.

    I just joined the forums. I have a Black 1965 Mustang Convertible with white top. I know I can't keep up with the Mach's here...but I go slow enough so they can see how good the car looks!!! ;-)
  8. welcome...we are meeting today in carol stream for a cruise at 630 i believe if you want to join us :)
  9. Welcome!! Wow, you live in ashbury huh? Right across the street practically! Small world!
  10. I've been out of town for a couple of weeks.....gonna be at the wheaton show on friday if anyone would like to join, mach1grrl, missblondie, black2kstangGT?
    Is there a Carol Steam show this week?


  11. Nope no Carol Stream show this week because of the holiday, but we were planning on still meeting up today around 630 in Carol Stream and hanging out or maybe cruisin' somewhere. You should join us! I have been wanting to make the wheaton show one of these days...I bet it will be really busy this friday b/c of the 4th though.
  12. To my knowledge I don't think there is a car show in wheaton this friday bc of the holiday, i may be mistaken though...I went last Friday, hoping to see some fellow stangers, but only a few were there. Good overall turnout though, tons and tons of cars and people!
  13. I just checked wheaton's website and supposedly the show is on....street rod assuming they don't have their heads up their asses.....we'll be there....hopefully around 530pm to get a good spot. It'll be me, my brothers pseudo-cobra R and my buddy's GTO. Hope to see you guys out there.

    I probably won't make Carol Stream tonight mach1grrl....still trying to heal myself for the weekend, I've had the flu for a couple of days. Chow all,

  14. Thanks for the welcome!!! Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make any of these shows...even if they were going on. I've just got too much stuff planned for the next 3 weeks (The summer has NEVER been this crazy before!!!)

    I'd love to cruise up to Carol Stream or Wheaton. When are the normal "meet" times and where? Obviously, we'd head up there together from down here. Let me know. Thanks.
  15. Carol Stream Cruise nite is every Thursday, from 6-9 I think. We usually meet around 6:15-6:30 and I have gone the last 2 Thursdays. Hopefully you can make it next Thursday after the 4th of july holiday! I haven't been to the Wheaton show before though.
  16. Thanks. I'll keep it in mind. I'll keep an eye out on this board for any updates or things going on. This sounds like a great group!!! Kurt
  17. Wheaton Car Show reminder....7pm-9pm, tonight(friday). Be there somewhere around 6pm if you want a spot, hope to see some of you there.

  18. Is there a cruise this Thursday?

    would love to meet you guys/gals
  19. Hmmm not sure but I think there is a show this Thursday....
  20. yes there is check out the other forum.. the carol stream one.
    show is from 7-9 this thursday in c.s.