Narrow Band vs Wide Band

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  1. I was gonna install a A/F gauge in my car, just to check the tune, is one better than the other Narrow band or wide band, thanks
  2. You want wideband. If you install a narrowband gauge, it will not show you the real numbers. I am not exactly sure how a narrowband works, but I think it shows what a/f the car is trying to hit. A wideband shows what a/f the car is putting out.
  3. thats weird, anyone know why that is?
  4. A narrowband is much more accurate at stoich.(14.7 to 1) Hence it is used by the car to fine tune closed loop. However, if you want to see what the car is doing in open loop where it is running 10-13 to 1, you would need a wideband because the narrowband doesn't measure down that low. That's not exactly it, but it's as close as I remember.
  5. so a narrow band would help me get away from being to rich, wouldn't that be better than nothing at all. The car runs great at WOT but everything other time it has a strong fuel odor.
  6. No. A narrowband for tuning purposes is useless. Good for a blinky light show, but that's about it. You can get an innovate wideband setup relatively cheap.
  7. ok thanks I'll take that advice, I appreciate it
  8. The best way I know how to put it is a narrowband would be fine if you were only tuning 14.2 to 15.2 Outside of that range, it will only know it is lean or rich. However, because it is such a limited range, you can have a higher resolution in that range. This will work for you at a good price. It's an Innovate LC1, sensor and gauge. By the way, how are you tuning the car to adjust the air/fuel ratio?
  9. That really looks like a quality set up, anyone running it, pros,cons
  10. Before this gets derailed....on the QH & Tweecer (which im deciding between too)

    Where is the best place to put a wideband on the exhaust??? I was thinking of putting in on the "X" part of exhaust on my car. I want an accurate reading from the right and left exhaust.
  11. I have always heard that the left side is the leaner side. So if it were me, I would put it there.

    I have a single exhaust, so I don't have left right.
  12. Narrow band is OEM equipment :)

    It has a narrow band of accuracy which is centered around
    14.7 to 1.00

    The wide band units you see so many talk about do the same thing
    They do it with a wider band of accuracy :nice:

    Power adder cars will see very fat ratios like 10.50 - 12.00 to 1.00

    A ratio that low is beyond what the OEM narrow band sensor can
    accurately measure :(

    About the bung ........

    Why not put one in each side so you can test either side :D

  13. I run a tweecer(QH was not released when I bought it) with binary editor. Works great. The one time I did have a problem, the developer of BE did a remote access on my laptop while I was in the car and fixed it. At 10:30 on a friday night. Check out • Index page for more info on tuning. Oh, as far as where to put the wideband bung, I installed mine on the left pipe near the factory bung.
  14. Tweecer is more expensive, datalogs less parameters, and has a slower sample rate. However, it can read the factory bin(not that that matters. Whatever SW package you use will come with factory bins, or download them from a bunch of different sites on the web)