Narrowed it to 2 cobras, which one you think is better? and some mod suggestions?

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  1. what do you think is a better deal?

    97 Pacific Green with 51,046 miles
    stock except for flowmasters. $12,750 + tax, etc.


    98 Atlantic Blue with 22,412 miles
    i think it's all stock for $13,995

    the WRX is going on ebay today and hopefully will be auctioned off by next week for around $17-18,000. I owe about $12,000 on the WRX, so i should have about $4500ish to spend !! :D
    My plans were: 4.30 gears, steeda tri-ax, aluminum driveshaft, pullies, bbk long tube headers, o/r X or H (which gets more power on long tubes, which is louder) and magnapacks. that's about $1800 in parts. Labor is about $1000 for the long tubes alone... I'd say $250 for puttin in the gears, driveshaft is freebie, pullies maybe $100 and exhaust another $150 or so. You think i should throw in a catted H pipe in case emissions come back?
    SAy i just spent $3400 for all those mods.... so next ?, with around 1500 left to spend, would you Do suspension mods, like lower control arms? or drag radials, rims, orrrrrr 75 shot nitrous kit? :shrug:
  2. 98!!!

    Get the 98. The milage alone is a key factor, and Atlantic Blue is a sweet color! Of course this depends on the overall condition when you check it out, but I'd go for the 98 in a heart beat. It's well worth the extra cash, and you'll probably get them down a grand or so if they're desperate. :nice:
  3. Twelve hundred bucks more and less than half the mileage? Not a hard choice, really.

    One just sold here in Toledo a short time back, a white '96 vert with ultra low miles, original rubber. The only modification that it had were lowering springs because the girl that owned it liked the way it looked. The car looked brand new inside, outside and underneath. I damn near bought it myself. I think that it went for around 15 or so.

    Talk them down a bit on the '98 and you will have a great car. I would bet that it is pristine with that amount of mileage on the odo.

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  4. Def the BLUE!!!!
  5. 1998 for mileage, color and collectibility (if you care). The green ones were kinda cool but not nearly as desireable!
  6. yeah. i was actually looking for the blue for a while. i'm gonna call the dealership now actually. i really don't like green cars period but considered the pacific cuz it is rare and not like a dark or puke green and the price was low but yea lower mileage, better stock rims, the color i really want seems to be the better choice..

    any suggestions for the mods though? rims, suspensions work, or nitrous after the bolt- ons ????
    btw, does anyone know how much it would be to get a custom paint job, some sort of color changing paint like the mystic?
  7. I'd opt for the '98. It *probably* has less wear & tear on it, going by the low number of miles on it. But, you never know. Take it for a test drive, make sure the trans shifts good & all that other jazz. :D

    Was it a garage queen? :shrug:

    Anyways, cover the basic bolt-ons & you'll be good to go (in no particular order):

    -underdrive pullies
    -timing adjuster
    -drag radials
    -suspension goodies, etc...
  8. i just talked to a guy at the dealership. I may go out there today to look at it, if not, sometime soon. he says it's like brand new, completely stock 22,000 miles. he also said i could get a 60 month loan which is sweet cuz credit unions would only give me a 42 month on a car that old and payments would suck. i figured i would have to put $1000 down to keep my payments just under $300 a month. I figured tax, ebay fee, ect if i sell my car for $17,500 and i'd be left with about $3800 to spend. so that should easily cover long tubes, x pipe, magnapacks, 4.30's, installation kit, aluminum driveshaft, steeda tri-ax, underdrive pullies and installation correct? I would be worried about changing the rims if i wasnt getting a 98, those ones are good enough, way better than the previous. i hated mine on the 96. anyway, if for some reason my car doesn't sell on ebay i will cry and prob just trade it in towards that cobra anyway... who knows. i'm praying for this thing to get sold !!!!!
  9. Looks like you answered your own question. I was about to bring up the '98's rims myself, I always liked them also.

    Good luck with it.
  10. with all the exhaust mods and no intake you might go super rich, i know i did. also, basically as soon as you get the 4.30's you need the NITTO'S!! unless you like to spin all the way throug third gear
  11. cool, i should have enough for 2 nittos on the back with the money left over. what kind of intakes do people usually get? how much do they cost? you guys think the car could be running consistent high 12's with the mods mentioned above? that's about 300 to the wheels i'm guessing. thanks for the suggestions so far. i may just go and put a deposit on that car. :)
  12. 98 w/out a doubt!
  13. oh yea... besides having to sell the WRX first... problem #2 is my family and i got dropped from insurance ha... yea because of me.... well the WRX was more on insurance than my 96 cobra. how much more u think a 98 would be over a 96 cobra? can't be that big of a difference. i bet its the same as the wrx which is an 02. they say both are sports cars.

    ehhhh either way i'm gonna buy that 98 asap when this thing is sold and just pay what i gotta pay. :nice:
  14. the 98 sounds good to me, of course it could be a different story if those 22k miles were put on a 1/4 mile at a time.... :)
  15. I have a chamelien paint job on my 99 cobra. It shifts from green to black to bluish and some itmes looks purple. I paid about 4 grand for the paint job. I really like it. If you get a paint job do not go to maco they could screw up anything. pay the extra cash to get a nice job done. takes a few days for them to have it done but the cobra alone turns heads. Another paint job makes people look twice.
  16. another vote for maco = teh suck
  17. besides the transmission, what are some other obvious things to look out for when i look at the car. You think the deal is too good to be true? I'm probably gonna go look at it friday or tuesday.

    500th post **** :)
  18. I'll go with the 98, good color and low mileage. you should check everything from top to bottom, inside and out, to be on the safe side.
  19. okay... I called and talked to a salesman last week about the blue 98. i double checked the mileage and the price with him at $13995 with 22,400 miles. I tell him i would come look at sometime this week and was asking about putting a deposit down on it. NOW, i look on autotrader for cars again, and the price is at $16995 now !!!! that is BULL *****. i called and left him a message on his voicemail at 11:30 last nite when i saw it. i printed out the ad with the 13995 price and spoke with the guy already. you think i can still get that price??? this sucks!!!!
  20. If you printed out a price, it should be good with the dealership. When I bought my Explorer, the online price was 1k or 2k cheaper than what it was on the lot. I told the dealer that they have it advertised cheaper on the website and the price was good until midnight. I got it for what it was advertised for and the guy said that has never happened before.

    Your other cobra was totalled, wasn't it?