Narrowed it to 2 cobras, which one you think is better? and some mod suggestions?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95 yellow 5 0, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. cool. i hope that works.
    oh yea, totaled it december 21, 2002.
  2. ok i just talked to the guy.. he said it was a misprint in the ad but because i called last week and printed out the ad, he said he can do a price in the middle, so from 14-17, in between woudl be $15,500.... i still think that is a real good deal. prob have less money fro mods though... ehhh
    the wrx isn't even close to the 17,500 reserve and auction is over tomarrow :notnice: i'm gg look at the cobra tomarrow though. i've already tried to sell the car in the bargain news for 2 weeks last year and 2 weeks recently. its been on ebay, and ive had a for sale sign on the car.. no one wants it. you think i should just trade it in ? it's losing value more and more. i owe $12,200 on it and will prob get no more than $15k on trade in. i dunno what to do. i really wanted to have money for the mods, but i need the car first. i could always save money for them but i really want the 4.30's, long tubes, o/r X and magnapacks right when i get it :(
  3. Check your PM
  4. the 97 isn't looking as bad now... :shrug:
  5. :puke: The 98 for sure, just don't get so excited that you take any offer for your wrx. One thing at a time..even if it doesn't sell right away....there could be a mystic with a supercharger waiting for you that cost's the same. Good luck, hope it all works out and makes you happy!!!
  6. Have you thought about seeing what they will give you for trade on the WRX? That car is a lot easier for them to sell used. Plus, you would not have to pay sales tax and an eBay commission. You may be surprised what they will give you for it.

    I traded in my '98 GT and '02 Focus ZX5 on an '01 Navigator.

  7. yeah they'll prob give me between 14-15k which is horrible. i paid $20k last year. the car still has the warranty and I owe $12,200. I'm better off keeping it if I can't sell it for $17k.
  8. Go with the pacific green. I don't want a Bab cobra painted a different color, WTF!! :notnice: :D

  9. oh no way... i was just asking the question in general to see how much custom paint jobs costs, like if had to get red or white if they were better deals. Atlantic Blue and Black are my favorite colors for the cobra.

    i dunno if i should go look at the car today, mines not sold... even if i put a deposit on it, there's definitly no guarantee i'm gonna sell it. it should still be there next week though. who's gonna buy a cobra on Easter weekend....?