Navigator 5.4 swap

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  1. hi Guys im tyoing with the idea of getting a 5.4 liter from a lincoln or an f150 super duty from what I can tell everything should be direct bol in if you have a cobra engine. Can anyone varify this?
  2. ONLY the navi motors are 4v. Yes you can get any 5.4 block and put the 4v heads on it, you will need a timing cover, and different chains. You can buy adpter plates to bolt a stock C head cobra intake onto it. The B intake will need to be widened as there are no plates made for a 5.4 swap. Stock cobra manifolds and shorty's work with ease. if you get some K member spacers, some longtubes will fit with a little modding. wiring and all is the same. You will need a different belt too.

    Its easy really, just not really worth the effort unless you do some huge cams and whatnot. On boost it will make SICK power however.
  3. I have a 97 cobra with a 4 v heads. My intake exhaust and accessoried should bolt up ?
  4. yes, your exhaust, accessories, fuel lines, etc. will bolt right up. do you plan on doing a full engine swap or are you putting your cobra heads and intake and just using the navi block?
  5. Possibly the heads and block from the 5.4 and the intake and injectors from the cobra...the only issue is I need to get a 6 bolt flywheel I think. The navigator has a 6 bolt stock from what I read.
  6. one thing on the cobra intake, i would double check the fit. the 5.4 dohc intake ports are wider than the cobra so you wont see the full potential of the swap. ive only heard of ppl welding them on the heads but thats highly not recommended. i saw a pic of the flexplate and it looked like an 8 bolt crank but it depends on the year you are getting it out of. the one im getting is a 2004 4wd navi. just look on ebay and they have quite a few different years and makes. they will send you pics of the exact engine if you find the exact one you want. keep it posted
  7. hey guys i am doing a simmular swap except its a 5.4 into a f150
    with a 4.6 .both motors are 2000 ,does any one know if the wiring harness
    are the same , i will be replacing the motor and trany together. got a deal on
    a wrecked 2000 extra cab with only 50,000 miles on it $2000 ,it was jose quarvo
    verse olive tree, olive tree won, by the way it wasnt me
  8. it depends, is it the sohc 3v or the dohc 4v. and whats your factory motor?
  9. its the 4.6 single over head ,the 5.4 is the same 2 valve there both 2000 f150
    the harnesses look the same , i believe the fireing order is the same ,i have the
    computer for the 5.4 the key and switch, cant imagine ford making two different
    harnesses. i am sure i will have to change the computer but to change the wireing
    harness would be a night mare, would have to rip the dash completly out to do that
  10. well as long as you are going from a 4.6 2v to a 5.4 2v, you will be able to use your wiring harness, injectors and computer. 1 thing is if you use your 4.6 comp, you need to get it tuned when you do the swap, either with a tuner or at your local dyno. i would suggest using the whole 5.4 longblock including intake and exhaust. and with the computer if possible its really not that complicated taking the 5.4 comp out especially if you are taking out the motor and tranny. everything else will bolt up. make sure the tranny is either the same as yours or at least the same length so you can use the same driveshaft. i would suggest pulling the driveshaft if its a lil bigger than yours. it should be the same size though. good luck. keep it posted, show pics if possible
  11. one last thing i would suggest buying new motor mounts 'polyurethane' are good. otherwise the ones from your 4.6 or the 5.4 will work just fine.
  12. yes every thing in the wrecked truck looks like new even the motor mounts.
    some of the other guys in my area are getting in to the road race courses
    i was thinking about finding a short bed regular cab slaming it to the ground
    and building a road race truck, just to be different
  13. there you go man. sounds cool to me, thats why i want to drop a 5.4 navi motor in my mustang gt. ive never seen anyone around my neck of the woods. dare to be different. let everyone know how the build is going. good luck
  14. i am planning the old rusty wallace miller light paint scheme
    a roll cage nasscar style buckets, even want nasscar style rims
    5.4 should have enough horses to play, but i can always super charge
    glass fenders and bed walls should lighten the load a little. and a bell tech
    lowering kit