nc/sc/ga meet

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  1. hey everyone, i really wanna get a real nice turn-out. so, if anyone is interested, plz say when ud be avaliable and we will c what the general consesus is. we'll hold a pole for the location after we get this thing started
  2. I would be interested :)
  3. I'd go for it.
  4. Sounds like a plan in the making to me. I'll try my damnest to be there. :nice:
  5. count me in, as long as its not too far of a drive
  6. i would go if its close to me =D
  7. I will try to make it if it doesnt coincide with some of the upcoming events I already have planned to attend.
  8. I'd do everything I could to be there :flag:
  9. im in
    who all in here is going to mustang week? we should try to meet up there
  10. where would everone like to meet??? we can all come up w/ somewhere and then we'll decide.
  11. Where in Acworth do you live?
  12. I am so there, i have been waiting for a mustang meet down around here. I live 30 mins north of jacksonville, fl. So as long as its not too far of a drive, i will be there. I just need to know a date so i can take off work.
  13. I'll be there. Look for a true blue GT with a Clemson plate.
  14. I am in, my Dad is in Seneca, SC with a cobra, he is in as well
  15. alright, ive got about 15 ppl interested. now all we gotta do is come up w/ a time and place. lets hear some ideas.
  16. I wouldn't mind going to Charleston, I love it there :)
  17. columbia is in between charleston and greenville, and between florence and augusta. theres a place that people cruise every second sat of month "tomorrow"its on hwy 1 right off i-26 and i-20
  18. more or less anywhere in SC or the upper west part of GA works for me
  19. what its lookin like is that columbia might b the best place to have it. anyone w/ another idea? now we gotta come up with a date. ideas?????