nc/sc/ga meet

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  1. Hey guys,

    The Southern Mustang and Ford Club in Charleston is hosting a cruise to Mustangweek on Thursday 22nd of July. We'll meet at the N. Charleston colesium at 8am. Our club is just entering its third month in existence and is 78 members strong. We expect a pretty good turnout.
    Later that morning, we'll depart from the Hooters restaurant in Myrtle Beach for Darlington to attend the Mustangweek Drags.

    Check out

    Hope to see of you guys in Myrtle Beach

  2. i'm probably in for a meet. Specially if it is only 10 minutes away.

    Most likely going to mustangweek..will be heading out thursday and hitting the darlington track on the way and spending thursday and friday nights at the beach. :nice:
  3. yall should cruise up on the 31st i wish we could try to get something started club wise around here i tried a few years ago with no sucsess. :bang:
  4. Ok, so are these plans final? Is it definitely July 31st, at the ryan's in columbia, sc? If so, someone please confirm that these plans are definite, and i will take off work and be there. I could use a little help with directions, unless someone can get me the address of the ryan's and i'll look it up through yahoo maps.
  5. yea mustangscotty you definently need to bring your club down here.

    rsw007 that would be cool if we could get a cool legit club around here, but im not sure how many people will be actually interested
  6. So when and where is this going to be held?
  7. cpr a performance shop in columbia sc. here is a link to his site its exit 113 of of I-26
  8. I would be interested.
    I'm with SCMC but they don't meet around here.
  9. ok guys this is the deal i hope everyone can deal with this we plan on meeting at cpr at 11am on the 31st of july im going to call the ryans down the street to see if we can get a section of seating together and goin where it will be cooler for lunch around 12:30 or 1 please pass the word hope to have a nice turn out. hope to meet some of you before then at mustang week.
  10. ok i have recieved a few emails asking for aug. 7th instead. so if everyone could post either 31 or 7 or dont matter that would be great.

    i think 7 th would be better for me that way my family could come.
  11. i vote the 7th!
  12. 31st is better for me, since the 7th we are trying to go to bristol for FFW!! not sure if we are going yet.
  13. the 31st is easier for me. ont know if i can get off the 7th. but ill c
  14. Either, just need to know so i can take it off.
  15. ok..i can make it on the 31st.. gotta work the 7th...
  16. 31st works for me I'll still be on Vac.
  17. What would we do all day?
  18. well all the locals can be there on the 7th if we do it then we can hang out at the performance shop parking lot, then go eat at ryans or some were then maybe take a cruise around the state capital. or something like that. not much really to do.
  19. a cruise around the capital sounds like fun.