nc/sc/ga meet

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  1. well it looks like about 50/50 on the date on stangnet and 70/30 on corral in favor of aug. 7th so . i would like the to start planning this for the leaving for the beach in the morning and will post if something changes.
  2. aight, its gonna b the 7th. the date is set in stone. we'll meet around 11 at cpr, chill for a little bit, eat, then cruise around the capital around 230. so who can make it?

    ill have to leave around 4 so i can make it back for work.
  3. Bummer, Im going to be in Bristol on the 7th. :(
  4. not gonna make it the 7th... gotta work... oh well catch yall some other time..
  5. I'll be there the 7th, can someone give me an address or some directions. I'll start off north on 95. Help me out.
  6. if anyone from the charleston area is goin and wants to cruise up there. im for it. or if anyone along the way wants to meet up. anyone??
  7. Anyone from Fayetteville or going through want to cruise down there?
  8. directions I-26 to exit 113 "airport blvd" then get off go towards columbia 1.5 miles road merges with charleston hwy then go 1/4 mile under railroad tracks first parking lot on left. address is 1440 charleston hwy. west columbia

    heres there web site
  9. just a cpl days away. look fwd to seein everyone there
  10. is anyone going to still be in columbia on sunday? there is a car show on sunday in columbia at jamil temple, its usually a pretty good turn out, except for the ugly red/yellow/black mustang with the spinners..

  11. ewww i seen that many times when everyone hangs out at harbison... :notnice: :notnice:
  12. I'm on csramotorports.

    I didnt make it to columbia, I was being lazy. lol Did anyone go? There are a couple car shows this weekend, I'm going to one of them just dont know which yet, one is in Saluda and one in Anderson
  13. Where in Lawrenceville are you? We are in Monroe but travel all over Ga. everyday.

  14. I know its cold out now, but is anyone interested in getting another one of these together? How did the last one turn out?
  15. I speak for the Southern Mustang and Ford Club in Charleston.

    The show and race season tapering off in this area has made our members hungry for a good cruise.

    We're up for it.. Just let us know..


    Scott Morrison
    Southern Mustang and Ford Club
    Charleston, SC
  16. Scott, I know this might be short notice, but it has been on the Corral for a few weeks. If ya really lookign for a cruise and a good cause to cruise cross SC then come on up to Piedmont THIS Saturday..
    Here's all the info:



    To our first Cruise-In to benefit the Piedmont Fire Department Toys for Needy Families.

    All cruisers are asked to bring a new toy for any age.

    DECEMBER 11, 2004


    The corner of I-85 and Highway 86, Piedmont, SC. (That's exit 35)!

    Stop by for the music, fun and good food.

    And for our little cruiser we have "THE BLAST ZONE" (an indoor play area)

    Don't forget Exit 35 off I-85, Highway 86
    (At the BP/AMOCO)

    HOURS: From 2:00 to 6:00 PM

  17. I can't make Piedmont this saturday, but would definitely like to get some kind of cruise together...The Columbia idea would be good for me and its half-way between you guys as well (charleston folks)...who knows, maybe it'll happen before the holidays, but if not, then come up to the BMC meet in January...

    check out the events section over at
  18. We are having a gathering here in Charlotte on thurs Dec 30th. I am posting up a new thread about it. Everyone is welcome and I hope to see some of you make it out.

    Feel free to reply and let me know if you are planning on coming up
  19. blk04cobra1...... Torrey??

    If it is you then keep me up to date and I roll with you when the BMC meet comes up. You might have to slow down a bit so I can keep up though!! :D