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  1. Whats up guys, I took my car to a garage to have them do a little work they were checking my gas tank and they took it off to see if my sending unit was working. Well in the process of putting it back I dont think they put the grommet on right. Gas is now leaking out the grommet if I go more than 3/4's full. Is there any way to fix this without dropping the tank? It wasnt leaking before so I have a feeling they didnt put it in right. I dont wanna take it back to them Im tired of taking my car to spots and more stuff coming back wrong with it. How can I do this job easily? If I have to drop it again no probel but since im only look at the grommet I shouldnt have to remove gas lines or anything should I just make sure there is not much gas in it. Any answers or idea's would be great.
  2. you can safely drop the tank and leave the gas lines hooked up. the grommets are known to get brittle and tear. no biggie. probably would have happened if you have been the one doing the work. if you want to do this your self. drop the tank. unbolt the filler neck and pull it completely out. remove old grommet and then install new grommet. You should be done in roughly an hour.
  3. Cool will do this weekend. Thanks for the fast reply.
  4. I have done it without dropping the tank..no biggie. Just a little extra wiggling with the fill tube. Take off the wheel, makes it easier. Make sure you put a little lubricant on the tube, if you don't possibility of ripping the seal again.
  5. I like to use dish soap as a lube with rubber parts
  6. What he said. I guaran-damn-tee the grommet is torn, not unseated.
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  7. guaran-damn-tee.... Is that some new fandangled golf item? :shrug:
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  8. Guess you didn't watch the video. :p