Need a CARFAX report run? Let me know!

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  1. Hey guys and gals,

    I signed up for a CARFAX account today to get a report on my Stang. Since the single report was $19.99, and the option of unlimited reports for 30 days was only $5 more, I took the unlimited option.

    So, if you want a report, just post the VIN number in this thread, and I'll run the report and post the CARFAX page with it back.

    No cost to you - I just do this for the karma, lol

    As a sample of what you can expect, take a look at the report for mine:
  2. anybody else hesitent to give out their vin?
  3. I don't see why. VIN = Vehicle Identification Number. It's freely available on any vehicle, just walk up and look in the driver's side of the windshield close to the hood.

    VIN numbers contain data that identifies what company made the vehicle, its model, body type, engine, paint color, and also numbers that approximate the vehicle's production date.

    No seriously private data there.. lol
  4. ill put mine on 2night when i get home. I pulled my car out of a field so i have no idea what it has been through
  5. here is my vin 1fabp41a3jf112153 you can eather post it here or send it to [email protected]
  6. carfax me please!

    if you want you can post the link up here.
    it will be fun for everybody else to see :)
  7. [email protected]

    1993 Mustang 1FACP41M0PF200780 LX HATCH
    2000 SHADOW JH2PC2138YK100154 600CC
  8. Smutty,

    I have your report run and saved as web page with images, in a zip file, but due to a StangNet limitation, I can't upload zip files - What is your email addy? I'll email it instead.

    [size=+1]From now on, since StangNet doesn't allow me to upload zip files - If you want your report to get back to you, post your email address along with your VIN.[/size]
  9. thanx for the report
  10. You know it's funny that when I run kids VIN through a decoder it shows his
    info fine. But when I run mine it says I have a Non valid engine code.
    The only way I can get it to read right is if I change the A to an S. Is my
    car a freak?
  11. One more?
  12. my email is: sales (at)
  13. 1FABP28T9EF127824

    ltgen_conda (at) yahoo (dot) com
  14. sent you my info at your hotmail addy :)
  15. vin number
    (pulled from an impound yard, no idea of history)
    ship25lax (at)
  16. thanks for the report :)
  17. Email: q8ap5(at) or derek696(at)

    1990 Mustang # 1FACP41A4LF208669
    1988 Thunderbird turbocoupe # 1FABP64W5HH143793

    The T-Bird is an american car and the Mustang is Canadian, I'm not sure if it matters....

  18. 1 = USA
    F = Ford
    A = Type
    C = Restraints ("B" active belts or "C" for Air Bags and active belts)
    P = Make
    1 = LX, GT
    A = Engine Code (A=2.3 E=5.0)
    9 = Vin Internal Check Digit
    J = Year
    F = Plant
    3 = Production Number

    Sorry Red25th but your Mustang was born American in Dearborn Michigan. :flag:
  19. CARFAX report

    How about this one please?


    '88 T-Bird TC

    [email protected]