Need A Diagram Zex Box To Msd Window Switch

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  1. I need a diagram to wire up my zex box to my msd window switch I have a 30 amp 5 pin relay just need to know how to wire it I had a diagram saved but lost it some where
  2. Not sure of how to do it off a relay but on the msd it's red to power black to ground white to a tach wire and yellow goes to the ground of the zex box
  3. So I don't need a relay? What about a arming switch?
  4. That you just need power in and power out... Out goes to the zex power wire
  5. You always need a relay when high current draw devices are in question. If a "Zex Box" is what contains the solenoids, then there is no alternative. Running a straight 18/16 ga wire to a set of solenoids is an open invitation to melted solenoid coils. Why are you using a window switch instead of a WOT switch?

    Traditional N2O wiring is an arming switch -switched 12v in, 12 v out to pin 86 on the relay.

    Pin 30 gets a designated high current 12 v source (like attached to the battery w/ a 30a fuse holder in between.

    Get a micro switch from Summit/Jegs for the purpose of breaking a ground circuit and find a way to mount it on the TB to "close" the circuit when your at WOT. Ground one end of the switch to your engine, and run the other end to the micro switch. run the other wire out of the switch to pin 85 on the relay.

    Run pin 87 from the relay to the Zex power wire (if they are in fact solenoids) and you will have a reliable, traditional method for safely engaging your N2O system.
  6. Mike the zex box has everything inside of it. They use a 5v pick up wire to go off the tps

  7. Ok,'s been forever since I looked at N2O kits, I'll plead ignorance to the newer stuff,...especially a kit for an F.I. combo.:shrug: