Drivetrain Need A Flywheel - Any Suggestions? 2000 Gt T45

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  1. My clutch blew at my first time out at the track this past weekend, and my mechanic said that I may need a new flywheel because of the fact that the clutch smoked. I was hoping to simply get it machined but he said it may need to be replaced after all that heat. The car only has 50k miles on it.

    Should I be looking at lightened flywheels or is a stock replacement good enough? Any particular brands or part numbers to consider? I looked into Ford Racing and there are several different part numbers which somewhat confuse me.

    Also which year mustangs use the same flywheel as my 2000 T45 Windsor 8 bolt GT?

    The car has standard bolt-ons, and will be getting a "king cobra" valeo clutch installed however I do hope to supercharge it one day.
  2. Guys can I use the 03-04 Cobra OEM flywheel on my 2000 T45 GT?
  3. No they are a different bolt pattern..

    If go aftermarket personally if your looking to replace, gives you a small amount of performance but a high quality piece that you can replace the surface ring if needed in the future....last flywheel you'll buy.

    SPEC steel about $290 shipped, alum about $350 shipped. If your interested let me know if I can help.


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