Need a GOOOOD COMPLETE T3... Can anyone help me out here ???

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  1. I've posted wanted's on turboford, everyone has a turbo for sale, but when you start talking money, they back out. ALL THE TIME.... People will list a turbo for sale and never answer PM's.... I really need a turbo, anyone got one ?? Stinger?? Whoever, thanks !
  2. What are you looking to pay? There were two Merks with turbos intact at the JY last time I checked, dunno what a turbo goes for down there. If you give me your highest price to pay (PM if you want), I can see what I can get down there.

  3. 100 + shipping for a Complete.... That spins good.... I can pay a little more if need be...
  4. oil and water cooled, or just oil cooled?
  5. Do you have a bad T3? If so just get a bamabev cartridge and be done with it (contact info in the tech articles sticky thread).

  6. No, I have a 2 bad IHI's.... Instead of rebuilding them, I wanted to go ahead and get a T3
  7. Well, my JY has three Merks with turbos, but I currently don't have the time to pull one for ya. :( Read my other thread to see why. :nonono: Good luck!

  8. Come on ash, help a brotha out.... :(
  9. I'll see if I can make it down there this weekend....still got no Stang, now I need a driveshaft and a couple tiny parts. :rolleyes: Gettin' 'em from a guy in the ol' Stang club, gotta love hookups. IF I have the Stang again by this weekend, I'll see what I can do. Sound fair? :)

  10. good luck with getting a I posted the same thing, i wanted a turbo too and all i got was a response to check ebay. lol

    good luck and if anyone has one feel free to let me know too..... i plan to rebuild it anyways so the seals can be bad as well.
  11. Cool, I've gone out on a limb for others... You help me out, and one day in the future you may need my help.... Thanks !! :nice:
  12. i have a t3 turbo down stairs but it is just a turbo no piping or anything pm if interested
  13. check your PM's