need a jack and spare...

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  1. I went to Ace and got a 1" coupler nut, 2" threaded rod, and a regular nut. The tire actually fits down into the spare well about halfway. The J hook comes up through the center of the rim and then I use a large plate washer and the regular nut to hold it down. Then I add the coupler nut and rod and the jack then goes down and I use another plate washer and the original wing nut that came with the car. After I lay the carpet floor piece down over it all, the floor is raised about half the width of the tire. The side pieces of the floor carpet are wide enough that they just lay down on the sides and I basically just have a raised floor in the trunk but have ample room to put things in there if I want or need to. This arrangement will suffice for my needs. I guess everyone else who wants something will just have to figure out how they want to do it. I can rest easy that I have a full sized tire on a factory rim whenever I need to change a tire to get home.

    I know others will have other ideas. Just thought I would pass this on as a possibility.

    My best to all.


  2. LM.....Thanks for the pics.

    Can you refresh us as to what size tire/wheel you are running as a spare and on what model Stang?
  3. Ya know, after thinking about this some more, I have to ask you directly Natasha --

    I understand why the cars with Brembo brakes came without a spare.

    But V6s.....why was this route chosen? The base v6 uses the "smallest" and narrowest wheels/tires of all of the mustang line up so in theory would be the EASIEST to get a proper spare for.

    If a spare can be provided for the GT and Shelby, both of which use bigger tires/wheels than the V6, why wasd the v6 left behind?

    IF "weight and space savings" was really the deciding factor as stated by Ford and its dealers, wouldnt weight savings be more critical on the perfomance-oriented, higher fuel consuming cars versus the base v6 cars?

    Sorry, this just again seems to say "We were looking to cut costs."
  4. I don't see any logical reason for the Brembo equipped cars, or any for that matter, not getting spares other than Ford being cheap.


    Wait a minute, the Shelby cars are Brembo equipped so it make absolutely no sense to omit the Brembo equipped GTs. I want my spare!
  5. Shadango, I used a matching factory rim to my other four and it has a B F Goodrich 225/60R17. My original tires are Michelin 215/65R17. This is a new 2012 Kona Blue V6 coupe I purchased earlier this month. Sorry I wasn't more specific on the details. :)

  6. Hi all,

    The Tire Mobility Kit was provided to maximize luggage capacity and reduce weight to improve fuel efficiency. Neither a full-sized nor a mini-spare tire is available from production as an option. It is unfortunate you feel the Tire Mobility Kit is inadequate. We have provided a parts list for a mini-spare to the Parts Department of your local dealer, should you choose to purchase it. If your dealer has any difficulty locating the information, please let me know and I will assist.


    I assure you, these sentiments are reviewed. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you, your members, and all members of this forum for your input.


    I have responded to your PM.

  7. Natasha,

    On behalf of myself, the members of the Oklahoma Mustang Club, and all owners who have been concerned about this issue, please extend our deepest gratitude to Ford Motor Company for listening and addressing our concerns. Again, Ford listens and it is much appreciated. Thank you for your efforts as well. I will pass this information on to everyone I know.

    Lance A. Morgan, webmaster
    Oklahoma Mustang Club
  8. Hello Lance,

    Thank you for your dedication as well! I truly appreciate your support. :) Have a wonderful day.

  9. Natasha I think a lot of the anger about this issue could have been avoided if the customer would have been made aware of this fact at delivery. Especially considering that this now seems to becoming the industry norm. Maybe you can somehow get that message to the higher-ups and they can inform there dealers.
    Also I have a 2010 GT with track pack. It came with the same tires as the 2011+ Brembo cars (255/40-19 P-Zero's) but has regular GT brakes. My car has the tire mobility kit. Did it come that way?
  10. I have just learned that Ford's Marketing Manager responded to Oklahoma Mustang club inquiries that Ford is now in the process of making the mini spare tire standard again for the V6 Mustangs. It was stated that Ford is responding to consumer demand for this feature to be returned.

    My best to all.

    Lance A. Morgan, webmaster
    Oklahoma Mustang club
  11. Now if they'd only make things right with everyone else who wasn't afforded the spare without being told.
  12. EXACTLY.

    I just bought a 2008 GT spare tire and jack kit for $125 on ebay......someone else here on this forum posted a year ago that this will work on a 2011 v6....

    So we'll see.
  13. Natasha, can you confirm ? And will recent purchasers of the v6 2011 be fixed up or is all of our complaints and begging only going to benefit customers AFTER us?
  14. Hi everyone,

    Prior to official releases from our Engineering and Design Team, I am unaware of any specific changes that may be made in the future. As soon as updates are released, I will let you all know.


    I was unable to locate specific information on the Tire Mobility Kit in 2010 models. If you would like me to see if I can pull up information on yours, feel free to PM me with your VIN.

  15. Natasha

    Wondering if anything was ever worked out on this? We ended up paying out of pocket and bought a spare tire, wheel and jack/tools and would love to be reimbursed for something that should have been there with a car of this caliber/price.
  16. Just wanted to update here. No updates or word from Natasha, I guess this topic is more a nuisance for Ford than anything. STILL nothing , apparently, from Ford on this.

    Kind of sad IMHO.

    I just bought a new Ram 1500 Pickup to replace my aging SUV and guess what? Jack and tools under the seat, and a spare tire stowed neatly away.

    You would think that if gas savings was the real issue, Dodge would want to give its Hemi powered pickups every edge they can get.... yet I have a spare tire and tools.

    Hmmm.....go figure.
  17. I agree...I just bought a beautiful 2014 GT with track package. After going through a lengthy routine of paperwork, and finally completing the sale, I realized that there was no spare. I never looked or asked, because I just assumed it to be standard. I really do not like the idea of not having a spare, especially if the sealant provided winds up damaging the pressure sensor. Like L.M., I've considered buying a full tire and rim...I'll have to measure to see if the 19" wheel with tire will even fit inside the spare compartment.

    I just found this forum, and I'm glad to see that other Mustang owners are as disappointed about this as I am. I'm also glad to see that Ford at least has someone on here that pays attention to these types of comments. Hopefully Ford will take the comments seriously and in the future will leave the car owner the option of simply removing the spare if they need the extra room, or are really concerned about a marginal increase in fuel efficiency. I still think it's a great car, but this was a really bad decision on Ford's part, no matter what their logic for it was.
  18. I too was disappointed and am still saving money for a rim and tire, I hope I don't have a flat before I have the money saved. Mustangs are great cars, they deserve a spare!