Need A Little Help Planning My Engine Build From Someone Knowledgeable Please!!

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  1. hi.. im new here hope im posting in the right place :) ok so i'm gonna start ordering parts for my next project, gonna do it once and right the first time just need a little point in the right direction, so im gonna start the build with everything new from the ground up, going with a new stock block gonna push it .30 over, going with a scat 347 rotating assembly with dished pistons, H beam crank, pistons ect are forged..scat part # is pc98 if you need to look at the specs, wanna go with the afr 185 cc street/strip heads part # afr1492 for cam i would like to go with either a lunati or comp cams, so my question is would this combo work together? what cam with work with my bottom end set up? should i go 1.6 or 1.7 rollor rockers? this project is gonna be a 347 with a turbo in a 89 hatch also any ideas for an upper and lower for my planed combo? goona be fuel injected. any help from knowledgeable people would be great and any thing im missing please fill me in. thanks in advance
  2. I'd love to advise, but your going with a turbo setup & I'm only dreaming of adding one to my 331. Your combo would work fantastic N\A; but I'd go with a custom cam every time versus an off the shelf cam IMHO. If a custom from Ed Curtis or Cam Dynamics is worth 20+rwhp over an off the shelf unit; imagine how much it might be worth on a power adder setup.....
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  3. Also you stated you're using a stock block. Bad news with a stroker and turbo. That block will not last long at or above 500rwhp. Highly recommend and aftermarket block preferably a Dart block.
  4. As stated above, sounds like you aspire to build a time bomb. I would like to see you in an aftermarket block if you intend on adding boost to your stroker and intend for it to last for any amount of time. The AFR heads are good, I personally prefer the TFS heads myself but what you have chosen so far will work. A custom cam in a turbo motor is a good idea and I would look to Bullet or Cam Motion for a nice hydraulic roller. With a boosted motor I would prefer a short runner upper plenum like the Edelbrock Victor II or even the TFS Box R intake as they always have worked well for me in the past. What are your transmission ideas? Fuel system plans and suspension plans? These all must go hand in hand with building something that creates serious HP. Please feel free to ask away as the questions arise.
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  5. sorry man, had to. Stumbled upon in on the tube :eek:
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  6. Can't wait to see that 7 second pass
  7. Very, very solid advice. Please don't over look this.

    Personally I made a mistake years ago building a 331 stroker on boost. Six years, 15,000 miles later the car is going strong. Do I have a good tune? Yes. I know I'm on borrowed time, highly recommend that you buy an after market block.
  8. I remember seeing a different video of that wreck....but man, that was a hard hit at some serious speed. Amazing that he walked away like he did.

  9. Can't just build an engine. Not with that kind of power. Anything over minor bolt ons you need to build the WHOLE car when talking about Fox Mustangs.
  10. Just waiting for that 7 second pass!
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  11. thanks for everybodies kind words, i will just go with a dss block then, i can get from my friend though i did wanna go with every part and bolt brand new ill just take the block and have it manchined,i can also get tfs heads from the same friend but think ill stay with afr as i had them before and love them, and yes 88lx i know i need to build the whole car body suspenison brakes ect are alrealy done, time for me to build the engine as i havent bought anything yet thats why i was checking here, this isnt my first time, last time i paid to have everything built now i wanna buy everything and build it myself i rebuilt engines before just never built something new like im about to and i know not everything works together so i can here for advice to double check my choices to be sure everything will work together. thanks you all, i will keep the questions coming if i have anything else i may need help with
  12. nice video 5literman lol
  13. I just wanted to thank everyone for laughing at my expensive with the video post..... That is all
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  14. Nothing to see here :leaving
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  15. I'd skip the D.S.S. block personally.

    Go for 4 bolt main block, Dart for example makes a good block. Well worth the money.
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  16. The DSS block setup won't change anything in a positive way.

    Bottom line is this, 450rwhp-500rwhp is safe relatively speaking on anything based on a 2 bolt block.
    A well built 347 with good heads will make over 400rwhp. Therefore you will be spending a ton to get another 50-100rwhp with a turbo on an engine that may or may not blow up. I personally would not run one all that close to 500rwhp, the result can be a total disaster.

    If a 347 based on stock block is your thing, plan the entire engine naturally aspirated. It's not that tough of a feat to get 425rwhp from one.
    Don't underestimate how fast a NA 347 can be, even with a stock block, some guys run 11.0 and quicker with them in streetable form.

    If you really need that turbo, goto a 4 bolt block. A4, R302, boss, dart etc..
    Unfortunately this is going to at least double the cost of the shortblock.
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  17. ^^what they said!