Need A Little Help Planning My Engine Build From Someone Knowledgeable Please!!

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  1. Boss block is def an upgrade and a good selection. I prefer Dart Machinery myself but either will work. I've heard of a few issues on the boss blocks.
  2. Be careful with the Boss Block. They are good, but don't get lured in with the price. In most circumstances you are better off with a Dart Block. The Boss block has shorter cylinder bores so that you can fit a 3.5" stroke crank in there more easily. A 347 is a 3.4" stroke crank. With the shorter cylinder bores you have to use a special piston to keep the oil control ring from popping out the bottom. If you call FRPP they will tell you exactly what to buy, and they are significantly more expensive than a standard 3.4" stroke piston. There haven't been too many people that have set up a 3.4" stroke Boss block, so the pistons aren't as tested as the old style ones for the standard bore length. It's actually a huge controversy, where by people have been blaming Ford for making an inferior block. IMHO, skip the controversy and go to the tried and true Dart block.

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  3. Dart all the way!
  4. if one is going to spend the extra few hundred for a dart block, then get this one;

    and spec the 4.125" bore and build a 363ci windsor. if you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear!!
  5. Well if you're going to be a Grizzly buy a Dart Man-O-War block. Lol. The SHP block would be more than enough.
  6. I can't back any of this up with personal experience, but I recently saw advice from Woody at Ford Strokers to pass on the Man O'War. He said he was having quality control problems with those blocks. He is now doing his strokers with the Dart block.

  7. If you hunt around on the corral classifieds, you can usually find a decent price on a used, or purchased but never used R302 block. Those are good as well. Pass on the A4 block though because it has a 2 piece rear main seal.

  8. I read that also and am going to use Woody's expertise very soon myself!:nice:
  9. Hey guys, i'm not trying to hijack the thread but i'm looking to do roughly the same thing, build a stroker motor, first time, similar hp goals just no forced induction, my question is is there a difference in block machining between the 331 and 347? scat kits are the same price on AM and summit i'm just wondering will one cost me more due to machining needed? i'm looking for no more than 350-400hp as its only a daily and i want it to be reliable, yes i understand higher hp can be made and made reliably but i don't need the higher hp or the cost that goes with it. thanks for any help
  10. No difference in machine work. There is some debate on durability on the 347 vs 331. Some say the 347 has less due to more side loading on the piston because of the rod stroke combo. But it's debatable. There is no cost differences.
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  11. thank you sir i appreciate the quick response
  12. I think they only real advantage of the 331 is that it is easier to keep the compression down for forced induction. Even with dish pistons a 347 ends up being around 10:1 unless you can get some really big combustion chamber heads.

  13. Hi
    My 347 is 8.5 to 1 ....