Mach 1 NEED A MOTOR!!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 11sec., Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Well my buddy traded his fox body for a 03 Mach 1 with a bad motor. The car has only 59k on it and it in very good condition. We have been having a hard time trying to find a motor for this. The car has a manual trans if that matters. If you could help or know of anything please let me know THANKS
  2. So is there anyone out there that can help?
  3. Ok thanks yea ive been looking for awhile but nothing ever came up. Even on ebay but yea ill check it out Thanks again
  4. If your looking for a stock replacement out of a yard or on ebay its going to be tough and it wont be cheap. I would try to get a rebuilt one with a warranty, either way, limited production motor = $$$
  5. How bad is the motor? Id fix what you have personally.... If I can help let me know, complete MACH1 motors are not as easy to come by cheap.

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