Drivetrain Need A Recommendation For Clutch (yep, Another Clutch Thread)

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  1. I did search the forum but didn't really find a solid answer for my application...

    I've got a 2003 GT which is a daily driver with no engine mods and 157K miles on the clock...recently I've started hearing the squeak from the throwout bearing when I push the clutch pedal in. The clutch itself is holding strong, no slipping or anything, but I kinda figure given the mileage and since the TOB will need to be swapped, just go through with a full clutch kit.

    I'm just looking for ideas on who makes a good clutch for a daily driven application. I've looked on LMR and AM, but don't see any Ford-branded clutches; just RAM, Spec, Exedy, etc.

    Any thoughts?
  2. If Ford Racing is still making one, you could probably find it at Summit. Most people on here that have changed them, have gone with aftermarket alternatives. Centerforce, Spec, and Ram are pretty respectable names.
  3. I have about a 1000 miles on a Spec Stage 2 and am quite happy with it so far. Using a RAM billet steel fw with it.
  4. Thanks all for the input. I was doing some more digging and did see some Ford clutch kits, but those kits were only the clutch and pressure plate. No throwout bearing or pilot bearing. And they were $400+.

    The other brands were under $300 for a Stage 0-Stage 1...and most of them include both bearings. RAM seems to be the only one that doesn't come with the pilot bearing, and they're a little higher priced than Exedy or Spec.

    Leaning towards the Spec Stage 1 at this point. Will probably also get a rear main seal while that much is apart.
  5. I have a RAM Powergrip and I have no complaints. It's been on there for two years... Make sure u get the frpp hd tob and an frpp roller pilot bearing
  6. If you want a good clutch go with a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch DF800075 which is about $420 on Evilbay. Make sure this is the one for your year Mustang. Use the the Ford Racing throwout bearing and pilot bearing. They are the best out there. Centerforce will give you a near stock feel, while giving you upward of 4oohp reliability.
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  7. Ford Racing or Centerforce. Avoid Spec like the plague
  8. I had a SPEC II and it had a very hard feel. I would not get another one.
  9. Aside from a slightly annoying squeek, it sounds like you could keep running your TOB. It is unlikely to leave you stranded, and a hell of a lot of labor to replace a stupid $30 part.
    My most recent clutch is the RAM HDX. I really like the clutch. Feel like stock, but more holding power. I have abused the crap out of mine, including overheating it a bit on some overzealous launches and it's still hanging in there. My only complaint is the TOB included in the kit. Do yourself a favor and get a ford racing/motorcraft TOB. Sure wish I did.
  10. What he ^ said on the TOB... Ford Racing TOB and Pilot bearing...